Angel Lust

Angel Lust

Her parents decided to name her Rosaleen four months before she was born, when they found out they were going to have a girl. A beautiful little rose, that's what the name meant. But their expectations were crushed when Rosaleen came out of the womb. She was ugly and deformed. Her eyes and arms are not of the same size, her head unusually big. Half of her toes are missing and her feet were shaped like a ginger. She was covered in monkey hair.

Growing up, Rosaleen was given everything she ever needed, except love and attention. Her dad loathed her for her appearance and her mom was indifferent to her. Everyone teased her constantly. She had no playmates. She was a sad kid until she hit puberty: she discovered she has an extreme amount of libido. Masturbation satisfied her need for company, she didn't need anyone else to ease her loneliness. Multiple times a day she'd stay in her room and pleasure herself, by night she would wait until she heard the moans and rhythmic thud from her parent's room that was next to hers. She would masturbate to the sound of them having sex. Occasionally she'd sneak and get lucky to find their door slightly ajar, which added more fuel to her enjoyment. When she turned eighteen, she burned their house down.

Rosaleen was now living a comfortable and not-so-lonely life in her two-story house in the city. Being the only kid, she was left with a substantial amount of money when her parents died in the fire.

Her needs have changed a bit over time. Even though she had acquired a massive collection of toys designed to stimulate her genitalia, all displayed in her pink and childish bedroom, she now prefers the company of men, often gigolos. However, most of them can't get or maintain an erection at the sight of her ugliness, not to mention her horrendous smell caused by her lack of hygiene. They'd go soft and limp during sex. When Rosaleen was feeling generous, she would let them take a pill to maintain their erection. But most of the time Rosaleen resorts to a different technique. She would instruct them to sit on her bed, naked and blindfolded. Then she'd wear gloves, get the garrote wire in her drawer, and sit behind them. She would strangle them with the wire, watching them choke and struggle. She'd keep an eye on their genitals while their legs were flailing in panic. Once they died and went slack, their penis would become fully erect.

Postmortem priapism, they call it, commonly known as Angel Lust. It would last for a few minutes, exactly what Rosaleen needed. She'd hop on the dead man's body and sit on his throbbing erection. She would pound and grind on it, delighted from the insatiable itch deep inside her until it turned into waves of pleasure, spreading from her crotch to her body, making her spasm and moan in satisfaction.

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