Camp 30

Camp 30

About a 20 minute drive from my house there’s a place called camp 30. It used to be a prisoner of war camp back in world war 2, for German soldiers. You can look the place up, which I’ve done, and found out that for the most part the soldiers were actually treated better than they were at home. 3 course meals, served in the cafeteria. sports teams, they even had an indoor pool in one of the buildings! At one point there were about 12 buildings on the property, but many of them have been knocked down over the years due to structural damage, from fires. The remaining buildings are covered in graffiti and mostly everything is stolen broken or vandalized. Technically nobody is supposed to enter, there are signs saying “private property” but I think it’s a well known spot for young stupid teens to drink and hangout. I have been there to do so many times when I was younger. Even though I did my research before we went and learned the “prisoners” weren’t mistreated, there was definitely always an eerie feeling there. My cousin even told me once she was there with some friends and the cops came. After asking a few questions they said my cousin should leave, because there’s some crazy stuff they’ve found going on there. Apparently they found a severed pigs head from some satanic ritual in one of the buildings. Needless to say that was enough to get my cousin and her friends out of there. Above all the times I went to camp 30, one time stands out the most. I went with just my boyfriend and I. It was summer, and around 7pm. So it was still bright out, and we took our time walking around looking in the different buildings. Though it was light out sometimes when we got deep enough into a building we’d be relying on the light from our phones. I remember at one point going into a basement and all the copper pipes had been ripped out. It had cement walls and floor, and was creepy as shit. We found a mini secret doorway which lead to a huge tunnel. We shined the light in and it looked like it went far, and had many different tunnels that branched off… like a whole underground tunnel system! I remember being freaked out because I thought there would be a druggie squatter or homeless guy in there and I made my boyfriend go back out. By now quite a bit of time passed, and it was getting darker as we walked towards the last building we had yet to explore. We got into the building and it seemed like it was a theatre of some kind. There was a raised floor, like a stage and a bunch of chairs and different broken furniture items below. It was way too dark to see now. I was looking around with the light from my phone when my boyfriend called me over saying “babe come look at this” I made my way there to see the word “DIE” written on a broken piece of white board. The freakiest part was that it was written with a thick red liquid, that honestly looked like blood. And it was still fucking wet. It was literally dripping… all I could think was whoever wrote this is still in here. My boyfriend and I took one look at each other and noped the hell out of there! We high tailed it to the car and peeled out. I have never gone back since. This story is 100% true.

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