Changes Begin Today. Looking for Feedback and Suggestions From the Community. [META]

Changes Begin Today. Looking for Feedback and Suggestions From the Community. [META]

I've decided to change the way things work around here, at least officially anyway, seeing as it's kind of been the wild west over the last year.

In the past this was a place to post creepypasta and only post creepypasta. Moving forward though I'd like to open up the community to anything creepypasta related including, creepypasta (obviously), narrations (video or audio), creepy artwork, etc.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I want this to be a place where everybody can share everything they love about the genre.

I will be implementing a stickied post strictly for requests as I have noticed one very common type of post is people looking for a pasta they can't remember the name of.

I will also be featuring YouTube channels of YouTubers who would like to be in the sidebar after noting the popularity of a recent post by a user asking for the community's favorite channels.

I also want to get a working tag system that will allow users to look for and filter out certain types of media. Although this will be further down the line.

Finally, if there are any things you'd like to see feel free to drop a comment in this thread. or shoot a message to the mods using modmail.

I am really excited to breathe some new life in this community and looking forward to working with the community to give it what it wants and needs.

Submitted July 13, 2018 at 12:54PM by XanCrews



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