Creepy Camping pt.2

Creepy Camping pt.2

I have never ran so fast my entire life. My heart was beating a mile a minute. I wasn't sure if the creature was following me or not. I stumbled and tripped on a tree root nearly twisting my ankle. It hurt really bad.

I finally got back to camp. By that time most of my friends were finally awake. They were making breakfast when I got back. I came in screaming and yelling running as fast as I could. I stopped and they asked me what was wrong.

I explained to then how I went down to the lake  and I saw a very tall almost hair less creature with horns or antlers while standing on its hind legs. I sat down to catch my breath while simultaneously freaking out.

They told me that this place had a lot of deer. We argued a bit but they convinced me and i just forgot about it and tossed it up to my overactive imagination. I believed them.

I went on for the rest of my day I just kept thinking about though. Later we went down to the lake to swim but luckily I did not see that creature again.

A few days past and at that point I forgot about that incident. But one night as we were sleeping about a week after it happened at about 2 in the morning I heard 3 knocks at the door. My heart sank to the floor. I just laid there think would could it be. Then I hear it again 3 knocks. I still refused to move being the stubborn person I was.

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