Dusty’s divot.

Dusty’s divot.

When you first see a llama what is your first reaction? Happiness? Joyful? I felt all of those feelings, also. That was untill I knew the location of a llama never to go. One day I decided to land at Dusty's divot. Yes and this was after the big update and during season 4. I seen the llama at the big asteroid and it was on top of it. I was like "what the heck?" Laughing my ass off. Then when I was able to finally reach it by building I opened it but the items fell into the asteroid. "Great. Just my luck." I mumbled not knowing what was to happen next. I slid down wanting to find a chest after what had happened, but that was when I heard the cracking noise. I spun around, expecting to see a player, but instead I saw the asteroid cracked open. Amazed, I went up to it and saw my loot. I walked up to it and soon I found myself inside of the asteroid. Then all of a sudden it surrounded me and closed me in like I was a baby still in the womb. Trapped I started to mine the asteroid but as we all now, you can't break it. Then the asteroid started to glow. Controls started to come up and suddenly I could touch them. This was a actual spaceship. "WHAT?!" I yelled. At first I thought it was sick! But learned the dark secret. I spammed the controls expecting for the spaceship to fly or something. Didn't even move a inch. Then I heard the footsteps. A player! I tried to make as much noise as possible but he didn't even stop. Then I heard the giggle. But instead of being a human giggle it was a 'out of this world giggle' I tried to find the source but failed to. Then a human like figure appeared and started to press the remotes. Scared half to death I managed to grab the Assault Rifle behind him. I started to shoot at him and I killed him. His loot was all legendary guns. Happiness and fear was all in my system. But I still heard the giggles. I soon realized it wasn't from the game… And I lived alone… I still remember that girl in my attic looking exactly like the figure in the game…

Submitted June 12, 2018 at 10:12AM by JasonTGT



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