Okay so i have never told anyone this story because i thought that the would think i'm crazy. But i feel like i need to let people know about this.

So this happened about 5 years ago on the 2nd of July now and i still remember every detail today. Me and my still best friend were hanging out at a local park late at night because we new that there wouldn't be any people there. See me and my friend back then were the kinda awkward kind. Didn't like been around other people or getting into fights. So me and him (who for the story i'm just gonna call Dan) would take any chance to just hang out without any people that we could. Anyway, so we were just chilling on the swings just talking when Dan said "yo dude i really need a piss". I looked around and told him to go in the bushes behind the park. Now he could have went into the pub next to the park cause they normally let us go in and use the toilets but there was a party and a lot of drunk people around the entrance and being the awkward teens we were we didn't wanna walk past them. So he ran over to the bushes while i just stayed on the swing checking my phone. About 30 seconds after he left, i heard a scream coming from the bushes. I whip my head round to see Dan sprinting back to the park. He hoped the fence and told me to run. I asked him what was up, confused as i didn't know what was going on. He was about to speak when he looks up and stared. Not at me but just behind. I freaked out and turned round. And that's when i saw "him". A tall man dressed in all black staring at us. The weirdest thing was that i couldn't see his face but i could see his eyes. They were bloodshot and looked inhumane. Me and Dan began to sprint back to his house which was a bad idea now that i think about it but at the time it was the only thing we could think of. He was home alone so when we got in we couldn't get help. After we got in the house, locked the door and closed all the blinds and lights except in his room where we went. Once we had calmed down a little i asked him what happened before he ran back over to me. He told me that while he was taking a piss he could see two red eyes in the bush. That's when he screamed. But what he said next still haunts me to this day. He then told me that after he screamed while he was trying to pull up his zipper, he could see a smile grow on the mans face. But not a normal smile. No. He had way more teeth than a normal person and the were razor sharp. All of a sudden, we heard knocking on the window. *Knock* *knock* *knock*. We jumped in fear. We wanted to call the police but we were to scared that they wouldn't believe us. I know stupid. We heard the door unlock and it swung open. We froze. That;'s when we heard Dans' mam shout "Hello!" I've never been so relieved in my life. We never told her or anyone about this.

5 years have passed and since that day, nothing like this has happened except that every 2nd of July, we both have the exact same dream. The dream that this… this thing was at the end of our beds. Just watching us with those exact same eyes and that same smile.

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