Imaginary friend

Imaginary friend

Ever since I was a kid I've had a imaginary friend. Growing up a only child I had no one to talk to besides my parents. So naturally I started having a imaginary friend to talk to and go on adventures with. Seeing how I was so young it's hard to remember everything about him so most of this is from memory. What I do remember about him was that he was basically a gaint stuffed animal of a elephant he was grey and I named him sniffy. I really can't remember why I he was a elephant I guess I must have really like elephants as a kid. Sniffy became such a big deal if my life as a child that I can vividly remember him being real I don't know how that's possible seeing how he was supposed to be in my imagination but I just do. After about a year I'm now in kindergarten and am meet kid my age and am making friends, real people not just imaginary friends. This however made my relationship with sniffy changed. Since I had other friends at that point I started talking to sniffy less and less. I noticed a change in him he got more mad at me and would tell me that he should be my only friend. This would lead up to a big argument between us and in the heat of the the argument sniffy pushed me. When I mean he pushed I mean that he physically pushed me to the floor not just in my imagination. Im not sure why I wasn't scared that something that was just supposed to be in my head had just hurt me but in that moment I was just mad he pushed me. In my rage I yell at him telling him we weren't friends anymore and walked away from him walking away I could hear sniffy yelling at me. He yelled that I would regret leaving him and to come back right now but I kept walking it's just what he said last that got to me "you think you can just leave me I will find you and I will rip your goddamn head open". Hearing this I looked back and all I could see was Sniffy's face looking back at with a smile on his face as he starts walking at me. I then start to realize to situation I'm in my imaginary friend is able to hurt me and just treated to kill me immediately I started running back to my house. when I got back I look through the window in complete horror wait to see where sniffy was as soon as I look back I see nothing. No one was there just my backyard my mom comes in the room and asked me if I was playing with sniffy all I tell her was that we got into a fight and weren't friends anymore. Sleeping bescame impossible at that point I would stay up in terror wait for a knock at my window and would wonder how it's possible for this to even be possible. Growing up sniffy never appeared again in my life again and sleep went back back to what it was. As scary as he was soon i forgot all about sniffy. Moving to today I'm 22 and moved out of state in college. Since it is summer vacation my girlfriend wanted to meet my parents for the first so time I agreed and we went to visit them. It's not like I didn't want to go I'd didn't want to go I hadn't even visited my parents in awhile so seeing them was nice. They still live in the same house as from my childhood and it is left in very good condition. Everything went fine for the day it was at about 6 when I went to my backyard just to sit. The backyard is big and it's one of those backyard that is connected to the forest so I just spend time looking into the forest. It was about when I was getting ready to go back into the house that I noticed a black figure run from one tree to another I just look in confusion. I waited for it to move again but nothing happened I wanted to go check it out but I knew I would have of just been nothing and I would just be wasting my Time. Skipping ahead it's 9 pm and me and my girlfriend were asleep I can't remember my dream but whatever happened it led back to the forest. I saw that same black figure run behind a tree but this time I went to check it out when I went behind the tree something tackled me and started to strangle me I saw that it was sniffy with that same smile from my childhood. As hard as I tried to get him of me he was too strong he felt like a stuffed animal but was strong enough to not even budge when I grabbed his arms. I woke up in terror of what just happened not knowing what to do. Just then I heard from the outside I heard giggling I looked out but saw nothing I was just left to realize that sniffy was back

I hope you enjoy my first creepypasta tell me what you thought and what I can do to improve.

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