Rocking chair

Rocking chair

There is this chair in my apartment. It's a old, rickety yet sturdy. It came with the apartment. The old owner left it hear and the landlord never took care of it. It's kinda nice though, but I never sit in it. The one time I did, I got goosebumps. There's this aurora around it. Before I even really moved in, I put it in a future guest room, if I ever have guests. Right now it's a storage room for boxes I haven't opened, or never will. Knowing me I'm lazy and if I don't do it immediately I most likely never will. That chair just makes my spine creep. For a bit it rested in my room. Whenever I slept, I would be awoken by this creaking noise. When I looked up after being awoken, the chair would be moving back and forth. It's always moving when I look at it. Just back and forth. It's probably the wind, or just…Gravity? I don't know. I'm just… Creeped out by it. I know, I'm acting paranoid, but something's… Off about that chair. Awhile ago I asked the landlord what happened to the owner. He said that his wife died, so the husband left the house. And that the rocking chair was where they nursed the baby, but the baby sadly passed away from Sids. It's tragic. Like an old ghost story. For some reason though, I think… I think the rocking chair is haunted. I always hear it crying. Or sometimes in the guest room I hear moaning. Not that type but like someone's in pain. Or something. The moans sound almost human. It's like how a cat imitates a human baby. Almost there but not quite I guess.

Today I… I can't stay here anymore. Last night, I awoke to loud crying in my room. When I opened my eyes, there was a women. She had lovely golden curls with pale skin. Her skin was like a crisp white sheet of paper. The rocking chair was in my room again and she was sitting there with my old teddy bear, rocking it. Back and forth. Back and forth. I knocked over a glass of water while reaching for my phone. She creaked her head up, and stared. She stared at me. My throat closed. My tongue was dry. I have to leave. However i can't. I'm in a lease for another year. Please God help me. I can't be here. When I passed out I swore I heard her say get out.

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