The boy from Wailing Woods…

The boy from Wailing Woods…

We all went to Wailing Woods once or twice but for some reason I would get so lucky there I would always land in the silly old trees… That is untill I found the dark secret it was hiding… It started as any other day, get home, eat dinner, and have the rest of the night playing Fortnite. As I checked if my friends were online. They weren't. "Dang it!" I mumbled under my breath. You see I'm not the best player. I need to be carried to win. Yes and i'm ashamed of that but I can't hide it much longer. I decided to gamble my luck and went to a solo game. I decided to land a Wailing Woods because it was far and nobody in their right mind would go. I still wished I had a right mind. As my hypothesis came true I grabbed every chest there (3 of them) I had managed to grab a blue shotgun and green burst Assault Rifle. While I was heading to the RV where it was most likely has a chest on top of there. Again like last time I was correct. A item appeared named Danny Ron. Odd. It was a little boy. Laughing. I grabbed it thinking it was a glitch but then the RV door swung open. Me, scared half to death, watched as a white pale body went up to me, grabbed the boy out of my hands then went to the bench cradled it. Me, being the dumbass I was, started to shoot him. He soon got up and started to scream at me,"DON'T TOUCH DANNY!!!!!!" I screamed for help and my mom rushed to my room and looked at the TV screen and saw me on the bench cradling Danny. "Awww" she said and left. Then I looked back at the screen and it was pitch black. I turned on my Xbox one again but no use. Me being frustrated and scared at what I had just witnessed, I went to my friends house and we talked and laughed thinking it was just a figment of my imagination, untill I went to the park the next day and watched the white body cradle Danny

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