The Camp…

The Camp…

Day 1 My family is on the run right now. Its been 3 days with no sleep. We are barely surviving and I don't know if we will make it, but I can't tell my family that. I am supposed to save them from these monsters. I think I know where a camp is but the camp won't last for long. Camps never last long before they end up getting infected. We will go there but if I see even one sign that they are weak I will have to infect them with the virus then take their food water and weapons. Day 2 I found the camp it looks pretty stable but there is one flaw in how they work. They go hunting. They are crazy! Those monsters are attracted to the smell of meat. So far we have been attacked by three monsters. No one can pinpoint it, but I can. I know the answer but if I tell them they will be suspicious of me. I can't have that but I must protect my family at this point I guess I should tell you what happens when someone is infected. They turn into monsters long limbs searching for non-infected to eat. If you happen to be the target of one of them then you will have to kill it or it will kill you. Day 3 I was attacked today one of the campers found out my secret I dealt with the situation to this camp as showed me its weakness most of the others are now infected my family is leaving now before they turn. My family is running for our life they saw us leave they shot at us my son is injured I am carrying him the monsters I saw them we are their new targets we will run and I won't let my family die I won't lose them…..not again.

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