The Girl in The Well

The Girl in The Well

(Before you read this note that this is my first creepy pasta I've written and will make edits to this as time goes on or even completely re-write it. Please give me suggests on how to improve it if you so please. This creepy pasta was inspired by some real aspects of my life, and I apologize for the extensive back ground knowledge, hope you like it lol.)

My name is Jake and I just recently started up a small company that will take old technology and clean it up for you, make it usable. This story requires a lot of backstory for the setting of it.

I'm driving up to my clients residence to deliver a old film player I cleaned up and made usable for him, and it just so happens my family farm is on the way. I'm not exactly how big it is but its acres upon acres of fields and forests. The forests has two parts of it, one half we call "The trail" simply because its a trail throughout most of the forest, and about half of the train consists of bones showcased on branches and such (Bones of dead animals we've found). The other part is mainly a junkyard, its just a ton of junk in the forest; glasses, torn up clothes, even some furniture(None of the junk is ours, it was simply there when we bought the land). I always find something new when I go there. I remember as a child my brothers would always tease me about this "girl" that fell in a well here in the forest and died. A while back I asked my father where the story came from and he said his own father apparently made it up. I guess it was just a way to "spook" up the woods, since honestly when traveling through them at night or day I never actually got any creepy feelings about it, it all felt normal. The only downside to the farm is that its pretty old and requires a ton of work. I decided that I would stop and do some work for a few hours, no rush to get home. No one lives at the farm, it's mainly used for family reunions and holiday events, and so when I get there I look in the fields and see maybe about 5 or 6 cows just laying down, I guess the other 50 are maybe just wandering somewhere else, Then my phone buzzed and I forget about it. Once I park my car I simply go straight to our little warehouse with tools to do a lot of work. It was about 3 when I got there, and I finish work around 6. I'm exhausted and walk through the back porch, the door slamming behind me. Then I see a circular roll of film, I remember finding it about a year ago in the junkyard, and at the time I actually cleaned it up a bit. I was curious what was on it so I cleaned the dust and went out to get the old film player from my car. I tried setting up the film player myself but failed, and then had to look it up on youtube how to work it, once that was done I simply fixed it onto the TV Then I simply let it play after a lot of complications. What I saw was… Just black, for a little bit, maybe it was the dirt or maybe there was just nothing on it? After about 20 seconds I see a woman, no… A girl? I can see about half of her face, it's a little bit bloody.. The only light is fixed on one side of her head, I think its the sun.. Then the camera move at an angle to where its basically facing upwards, and I see just a circle of light, with the shadows of trees and small specks of white, maybe they're clouds.. What happens next I don't think I can even comprehend what happens, she picks up the camera and you can clearly see a black figure in the shadows, it looks relatively big, maybe about 6 feet tall, but… Skinny, weirdly skinny… As if it were skin and bones, next the girl quickly turns the camera towards her face, and she screams as far as I know, I can't hear anything, her mouth just opens and her neck is just gauging.. In literally half a second her face is just, gone. You can barely see it but I think her face is just ripped open, by something sharp maybe claws.. The camera falls and faces on its side, towards the small splotch of sunlight, and you see a foot, it actually looks human, like with human bones but with actually completely black skin, and the foots insanely skinny, as if it were just bones… The camera goes black, and after two seconds comes back, and the foots gone. The only thing that changes after that is a liquid going over the camera lens, it finally ends after about 2 minutes of just the same picture. I'm extremely confused, pacing around and I look out the window to see the same cows laying down on their side, nothing changed. I go to the window frame on the other side of the TV to grab the binoculars on the frame and look at the cows, they're not breathing.. After scanning the field I see one cows belly, is just red… I look up from the binoculars and see that an animal, maybe a coyote or something gets up from behind a cow, chewing something. It looks close my way, just a little to the side, and runs away. I then hear a loud bang, and realize its the porch door slamming shut… I turn to the back door and see the door knob jiggle…

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