The Jacksonboro Light

The Jacksonboro Light

This story is from 2009. My story starts off as any other. I grew up with an interest in the supernatural, paranormal, and the unexplained. And over my life I have had some really weird experiences. But none like this one. As a child I once saw what would have been a spectre walking through the house….not walking through rooms, the upper half of the body was at floor level, giving the feeling that it was actually on the ground. That was the only experience I had for a very long time. Years later, my mom passed away and gave me the house to live in. And for the first few months, call it stress or call it grief, I would hear the fights in the house my mother used to have with her domestic partner. Screaming matches in the like. My wife didn't believe me until she woke up one night hearing the same exact thing. So, like I said, i had always been into the unexplained, and this is where the story begins I was around 22, me and the wife were working at the large big box retailer in town. Don't wanna name it given it may be against any bi laws they may have about posting their name. Anyways, I was watching a movie and the wife came up to me with the biggest smile on her face. We just found out we were going to have our first child. I was beaming. Given the fact that my father died when I was 5 months old and coupled with the fact that I was adopted, I had always wanted a family I could call my own. So we made a doctor's appointment to confirm. And of course, came back positive. To celebrate, I ran out and got a quarter sack of some local mids, again we were making minimum wage and at the time finding better green was almost impossible give the region of the US I live in. Later on that night, I brought her into work. She worked the night shift while I worked a shift in between evening and night shift and I happened to have off that night. So after dropping her off, I headed to a friend's house to hang and smoke with him and his girlfriend. My wife called me within 5 minutes of me getting there, crying hysterically. Our boss had basically stated bc of the paper work given to her by her doctor, that he didn't want her there. He could have worded it better. Me being a younger man, I just about blew them all to hell. I had a bad temper. I went into that office, and spoke to him worse than some of my Army friends shouted at terrorists overseas. We came to an agreement afterwards, but in the meantime she had off for the night with pay. We headed back to our friends house out near a town called Jacksonboro. Some of you may have heard of it. It's a small place in between Charleston and Beaufort here in South Carolina. And all of us except my wife went ahead and smoked a couple of joints. It was around the end of October and it happened to be a particularly foggy night. Not bad on climate, and a beautiful night if you get passed the fog problem. My buddy, Kyle, real name by the way, and his girlfriend Jenny (again real name) came up with the idea to go see the Jacksonboro light. For those of you who do not have a clue, it's a supposed light that is paranormal given it changes colors as the light moves and does whatever it does. I said, "Hell, why not. It's not like we really have anything else to do." A few minutes later we started driving down the road. Going about 10 to 15 miles an hour lower than the posted speed limits. The night time, coupled with the fog and many crazy curves on the back roads will make you want to do that. At least if you have any sense that is. We arrived to our destination. There is a small ritual you have to do, and for some it works. The basic idea is that you drive up to the church on this one road, Parkers Ferry if I'm correct. When you get there, you are supposed to flash your headlights and honk the horn, turn back around and head back towards the main highway and a half mile later, pull off onto a grassy knoll and turn your engine off. We didn't do that last part, and for the love of god I wished I had. Nothing happened for a few minutes. And I suggested that we just go ahead and leave. I was getting spooked. You gotta understand here. Of all the supernatural/undead things out there, ghosts are the only ones who can't die again. So, I looked at my wife and told her, "Well, nothing is happening, let's get out of here." And she replied, "I'm getting hungry anyways. Let's go to Waffle house." I turned the the key, and nothing. The car wouldn't start. None of the lights would come on and we were in a place with absolutely no cell phone signal. Panic started to take over. More so bc we were stuck in the middle of nowhere with no one knowing where we were. Suddenly, every single light in my car came on at once. All of the flashing consistently. And then they just stopped. Within 30 seconds, I saw it. I thought I might have been hallucenating. You know given the fact we had been smoking and all. It wasn't until my wife shrieked louder than I've ever heard her before or after. My friend Kyle, he screamed out "Lon, do you see that shit?!?! The orb, do you fucking see it?" I was frozen. I opened my mouth to speak but words just wouldn't come out. The orb, light, whatever the hell it was, started to flash and change colors. First red, then fading into orange, then to some other colors. Have you ever just sat there and stared at the lights on your christmas tree fading from red to blue to green, with all of the colors in between? Well that's exactly what this orb was doing. All the while, edging it's way closer to us. By the time it had reached the car, the orb was the size of a basket ball. Everyone one at this point was freaking out with my buddy Kyle screaming at me to get the car started. "Hurry up god dammit! Get us the fuck outta here!" "I'm trying, I'm trying" I stated "the car won't fucking start!" We heard voices. People crying, asking for help. None of those voices were any of ours because the sounds were coming from outside. Things started coming into visibility kind of just descending from the fog. And I just about shit my pants. I finally got the car started, and we drove off. If that were the end of the story besides going to Waffle house, it wouldn't have been so bad. No. It got worse. I got the car started finally and put the son of a bitch in drive and peeled outta that damned church parking lot. The orb, I thought, isn't following us. I was relieved. Until I looked to my left. It was right next to my window. Still flashing, still changing color. I thought I was going to have a heart attack. As we got close to the main highway, about a mile off, the car just shut off. I had to tap the brakes and swerve back onto the grass. Everything we seemed to leave behind at the church was now in my rear view mirrors. They pointed theirs hands at the car, looking like that were reaching out. I tried to start the car again, my wife, Kyle and his girlfriend all screaming to get us all the fuck out of there. The starter finally engaged. I popped it back into drive. We made it back to the highway, made a hard right without even stopping at the stop sign, and headed back into the town that we worked in. We all went to Waffle house to grab some coffee and smoke a few cigarettes to try to get our composure back. If I have one but of advice about this, one thing to make you understand, do not go to see the Jacksonboro light. If you decide to do so, make sure you follow the ritual to a T. Of all the people that I have talked to about this, none of them have ever had that issue. Some didn't even see the light at all, and figured it was just a bust. But I know better, and so do my wife and friends. Never tempt the paranormal because you may not get back in return what you expect.

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