The Motel on the Back Road

The Motel on the Back Road

Do not ever stop at the place named Bob’s motel. As you come near to the motel you will be the only one on the road for miles. When you finally come close and see the motel you will begin to feel extremely sick. When you park it will not be easy. The grass has already taken over the parking lot and the white lines have already begun to fade away, from years of being neglected. As you begin to walk toward the disheveled place the sick feeling will hit you with more intensity, almost like your body is warning yourself to run the other way. When you walk in the smell of bleach and cigarettes will hit you right away. While stepping across the dirty yellow tiles you will walk up to an empty desk. Then you should ring the bell. While you wait you will look around the absolutely filthy hotel and question your decision to have entered. But hearing the storm outside raging, and remembering the fact that your car is almost out of gas will reinforce the confidence you have in your dismal idea. After waiting the longest five minutes of your life an old creepy looking man with eyes so sunken in under his big bushy brows you can barely see them will appear. He will help you get your room. He will even walk you there, but you both have to go outside to get to your room; room 413. The man will say nothing on the short walk to your room but he will stare at you the whole way there, showing his yellow and black teeth. When you get to room 413 he will give you the key and say it’s been dull and quiet since you're the only guest. Then he’ll slowly walk away with that creepy smile keeping his head turned in your direction. You will walk into the room; the carpet is full of black spots and you smell more than just bleach and cigarettes. You climb into the bed and notice there are lots of nasty yellow and black stains, but you quickly fall asleep. You will awake at midnight because you heard a weird creaky noise of things being moved around the room, but you do nothing because your tired from a long road trip. After falling into a deep sleep you will again wake up after only a few hours because you hear the noise of things moving again. When you look into the dark black room you see absolutely nothing, but when you look at the wall directly in front of you you notice the wall seems much closer than what it used to be. But you feel so dreary so unable to move, maybe even drugged, so you fall back to sleep with a sick feeling. You lay there asleep lost in your dreams, then waking abruptly because of a loud noise that sounded like wood breaking, you realize the wall had been moving and it broke your bed. You try to get up but you can’t. You can’t… move. The toxic smell you encountered when you entered room 413 was now very strong. The air was making you weak and sleepy. As you begin to fall asleep again, tears streaming down your face you look at the door to your motel room, you see the man through the glass window in the door, smiling… laughing, just standing there staring at you. As you lift your head up to look at the ceiling you can feel the bed getting even more crushed and you can hear the noise of wood breaking you fall asleep. You fall asleep for the last time.

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