Visiting our Forbidden Neighborhood Friend

Visiting our Forbidden Neighborhood Friend

When I was seven my family moved halfway across the country to Wyoming. When we got there I met nice kids and life settled down just like usual. We moved often because my dad worked in the military. The town house we lived in was very small but we made it work. Actually some of the best memories I have are from that house. Especially the ones with my neighborhood friends. I met this girl that lived right next to me. Her name was Lauren and she was eight. I thought it was so cool I had a friend in the second grade. We would always play after school in our backyards. Despite living in a townhome we both had so much space to roam. In fact we had 1 mile worth of backyard space between the two of us. For a first and second grader that’s a lot. Our parents got very close and we would always have dinner together. We were like a big family. They would always tell us to stay close so we wouldn’t get lost or stolen, but as time went on we ventured deeper and deeper into our backyard. I’m twenty years old now and not going to college. I… I don’t know what I want to do with my life. But as I was clearing out my room in my parents house yesterday to move to my new apartment I found my old journal entries from when I was seven. I read them all and knew I should tell somebody about them. I try to block all the bad memories out and forget what happened, but these just bring to light what every parent tries to hide their kids from. Journal entry one: Me and my best friend Laura just finished school. It was a good day because we got cookies and juice for snack time. We went and played outside and we went far from home even though our mommies told us not to we didn’t care. After walking for a long time we found an old shed by the edge of the woods. Inside there were lots of old dirty blankets with holes and some old food wrappers. Laura said we should make it a secret club for just us. I thought it was to dirty but said yes anyways. We decided to go back home. But since it’s secret I can’t tell mommy and daddy. Good Night! Journal entry two: The next day we went back to our secret clubhouse and found a man inside. I was so excited we got a new friend. He seemed scared at first and surprised when we came. He kept asking who knew about it and I said this is our secret clubhouse we don’t tell anyone and you can’t either or else we’ll have to kick you out. He agreed and said he’d be there everyday. Journal entry three: We have been friends with Richard for a long time, at first Laura was not liking him she said he looked creepy and weird. She can be really mean, but we’re now best friends together. Journal entry four: We have been best friends forever now. It’s the summer so we can play with Richard all the time. We added new stuff to our club house, like shoots and ladders and go fish and some pretty dandelions we picked together. Playing with Richard and Lauren is so much fun. Journal entry five: Today Richard said we should play hide and go seek but make it better. He told us to go super far into the woods. We played a lot but, Richard wanted a turn. So we hid, I hid a long time. Then Lauren screamed I figured she was found, now they’ll find me together. I waited a long time they never came. It was getting dark and I was scared my friends were lost I called out and nobody answered. Mommy is gonna be sad I thought so I went home. Lauren is probably home already. Journal entry six: Last night my parents were really mad that we were out for a long time. There was a knock on the door. It was Laura’s mom crying. They called the police, and they asked me a few questions I said we were just playing hide and go seek in the backyard. Mommy won’t let me play outside without her. I asked where Lauren was and they say I don’t know. I’m scared. After that I never saw Lauren again and her parents stopped coming over for dinner. Then we moved I met new friends and life went on. But ever since that night I saw her last it feels like part of me is missing. After finding those journal entries I asked my parents what happened. Over the course of a very long phone call they explained everything. The night I wrote my sixth and last entry, my parents sent me to bed with no further explanation of what happened. But apparently what happened was our so called friend Richard kidnapped her and took her far away to Russia to sell her for who knows what. But on their way Richard or whoever he was got reported for suspicious activity and he brutally killed her in a hotel and fled the country. He was never caught. Parents keep your kids safe and tell them about staying away from strangers so this doesn’t happen to you.

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