This happened about 15 years ago. I was 10 years old and my brother, Matt, was 12 at that time. We were pretty normal kids; playing soccer in the back yard, climbing trees, and sometimes we got the house apart during our childish fights. We were happy and innocent.

We had a "cousin", Nora. She was 7 years older than us. Our families are friends, and are living in the same town so we visited each other at least twice a month. Nora was cool. She told us funny stories, showed us movies, and knew a lot about everything. We liked to hang out with her.

It all happened when our parents got invited to a co-worker's party, so they wanted to stay there all night, but they were afraid to leave me and my brother alone for the night, so they asked Nora to babysit for us. This wasn't the first time so we were happy because everytime she babysat us she let us to stay up late and watch TV till we passed out.

She arrived at 6pm, mom told her the usual "Dinner is in the fridge, bedtime at 10pm, and make sure they have a shower before going to bed." After our parents were on the road we went out to play. Everything went pretty smooth, we had a fun time. After 1am, we were about to pass out on the couch during a shitty horror movie, so she sent us to our rooms. She slept in our parent's room. About an hour later I woke up to some noise that came from the kitchen. I thought that it's probably Nora drinking a glass of water or whatever. I had an idea… I usually pranked her by hiding behind a door and scaring her. So I silently sneaked out of my room through the living room and jumped into the kitchen. But to my surprise it wasn't Nora. The door to the backyard was wide open, and I stood in front of a tall masked man. I immediately froze. It was an intruder. The man reached into his pocket and pulled out a knife. I started screaming for help and as I tried to back out from the kitchen I fell onto my bottom. "Matt! Nora! Somebody! HELP!" Matt ran into the kitchen but he froze as well. "What the…" Then we heard it. A deep inhuman growling and fast footsteps coming closer and closer from the living room. Something that looked like Nora ran in and jumped onto the man. It somehow looked like Nora but wasn't. She had a big mouth that looked like it was split open with large pointy teeth, long fingers that ended in sharp claws. Her eyes were bloody and wide open. The man couldn't scream. That thing bit out his throat, then dipped its claws into his chest and ripped out his hearth. I clearly remember the cracking sound of his ribs. The thing opened its mouth and swallowed his hearth in whole. We just stood there, frightened, shivering, didn't know what to do or say. Then its turned into our direction. It was Nora, she was normal again. She wiped of the blood from her face. "Let's never speak of this again. Okay?" She winked and gave us a wicked smile. I stayed at my brother's room that night. We locked the door, and both of us couldn't sleep. We heard sounds from outside, she was probably cleaning because when our parents came home in the morning the body and all the blood was gone. We haven't told it to our parents… They wouldn't believe us.

We've all grew up since. Matt and I are working, he is engaged. Nora got married and has a child. As she said… We have never spoken of this. Not even with Matt. We have tried to forget it.

Thinking of what happend it's strange. It all seens to make sense now… Her skin was always pale, even in the middle of summer, and her child as well… Nevermind. Sometimes I think I was just dreaming but everytime our families visit each other, when nobody looks she winks at us with the same spine-chilling wicked smile.

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