8 Foot Creature..? (Story)

8 Foot Creature..? (Story)

My name's Steve and this story happened when I was 10.
It was a dark winter day and my friends were at my house. We were bored so my friend Jack suggested that we go exploring in the woods. The woods were creepy, it was blocked off and we aren't allowed to go there so nobody went.

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We were about to go into the woods until we saw a sign that said, "Pass through and regret it."
We thought it was there to scare us so we continued. It was 2 minutes of walking until I spotted a wheelbarrow with a knife inside covered in what looked like blood. Next to the wheelbarrow was a shed and it creaked open. Jack was terrified at this point but my other friend nudged him to go inside. He went inside, there wasn't a scream but Jack didn't come back. Everyone was panicking and I saw something waving from the corner of my eye. When I looked at it, it was gone in an instant.
"What was that?", I said nervously.
A few minutes later and Jack's body was thrown out of the shed, he was bleeding from all over but he was alive. We all screamed with terror and a 8 foot creature came running out of the shed. My friend carried Jack on his shoulder as we all ran. Matt who was my other friend tripped over so I came for him, I used the knife that I grabbed from the wheelbarrow and stabbed the creature, it did nothing and the creature wasn't showing any signs of pain. I pushed the creature and we all ran out of the woods and went to my house.
We called the cops but they never found anything.

We never went back into the woods, again….

The End.

This is my first creepypasta on here.

Submitted May 26, 2019 at 10:50AM by harshlgfd

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