A real “haunted game creepypasta” experience that once happened to me.

A real “haunted game creepypasta” experience that once happened to me.

What are some actual true stories of things that have happened to you which, when put on paper, read like they could’ve come straight from a creepypasta?

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I had this moment eleven years ago which felt like I was in a haunted game pasta. I was playing a ROM of the SNES game Claymates, and in one of the last stages, the game froze on me with the error message “FATAL ERROR: DEAD”. My first guess would’ve been that this was just an error with the ROM/emulator, but the words were in the same font that the game used for dialogue text and scorekeeping. And “FATAL ERROR: DEAD” was just such a weirdly worded statement that I couldn’t guess how it could be useful to any coder.

I found no mentions of this odd occurrence on Google back then, but I searched again a few minutes ago and found other people posting examples of it happening to them:




But the craziest part? Last year, I went back and opened the ROM file with a hex editor. I found all the dialogue and every other piece of text within the code, including the words “FATAL ERROR”. But the word “DEAD” doesn’t appear in the code, at all.

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