An idea I had for a creepypasta OC

An idea I had for a creepypasta OC

I wrote this ages ago and it is littered with cliques and so fourth but I thought I’d try and break some of them with not having the character have a sad childhood or anything cause that seems pretty trite nowadays anyway it’s not that good so he warned

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Full Name: unknown Alias: black jack            Jack            Real life Joker            Sweeney Todd            Jack the Ripper Relatives: possible brother (alive) Possible mother (alive)                    Possible father (deceased) Possible fiancée (deceased) Possible unborn son (deceased) Occupation: serial killer Powers/skills: above average intelligence, average strength, firearm handling, bladed weapons handling, hand to hand combat. Status: alive Species: human Gender: Male Hobby: killing people for fun Turning people insane Always trying to one up himself

Goals: Taking down the green mask gang (succeeded) Killing as many people as he can (on going) Type of pasta: serial murderer
Skin colour. White/grey Hair colour: blonde (possible prior) Black mixed with white (after)

"Your hand has been dealt" Black jacks catchphrase

Black jack, is the main antagonists of the creepypasta story "cards of insanity" he is a crazed maniac with a palate for gruesome murder, and he is more commonly known for his white skin and whitish-black hair. The story follows his journey as goes on a psychopathic rampage, while one of his possible origins resurfaces.

Origin: Not much is know about black jacks life prior to his "traumatic event" not Evan his real name, little is also known about his personality other then the fact that he cared deeply for his bother. According to his brother who remains nameless and has not stated his brother aka black jacks name has gave some details as to what black jack was like before and what he believes may have happened on what he could piece together said that he seemed pretty normal and showed no signs of any dark thoughts or any signs of wanting to hurt anyone, most would say they thought he was "harmless".

Appearance Black jack has chalk white skin short spiked up backish-white hair that shows a mild widows peak, he also has greenish grey eyes. The clothing he mostly wears is a black m65 flight jacket that is stained with bleach, greyish trousers with a punk chain hanging down and he also has a pair of braces that he leaves hanging down by his waist, he wears a bluish button up shirt with a red waist coat with card symbols all over it, and a pair of black wool fingerless clothes and a pair of smart suit shoes.

Black jacks most notably features are his black-whitish hair and his chalk white skin.

Personality Not much is known about black jacks personality before he became a psychopath but some say he was a gang member with a taste for violence, while others claim he was an active sociopath. But black jacks personality is loud and he seems to hold no one in high view other then him self and has little to no regard for human life although he doesn't seem to harm animals. He seems to find comedy and joy within other people's suffering and often likes to make his victims suffer emotionally as well as physically and he often comes across as well spoken using upper class British words. Although he seems to have vanity issues Black jack isn't entire deluded with him self as he is aware that he is a bad person who deserves death and was couldn't get his head around anyone risking their lives to save him as he knew his life wasn't worth saving. Black jack has been shown to be intensely nihilistic and suicidal. Examples as such include when a number of metropolitan police fired at him and instead of panicking or seeking cover, he casually accepted his fate without hesitation. And when he shot himself with a harmful amount of slender sickness, (a virus that temporarily granted the host slender like abilities) on more then one occasion black jack has offered Many people the chance to kill him. If only to prove that something like him resides in everyone.

Powers and abilities Black doesn't have any supernatural abilities other then His love for death and violence and his above average intelligence, he is also known to be quite a marksman.

Facts: • He's 20 years old  • his calling card is leaving a poker card near his victims after a kill • he refuses to give into his dark desires when they told him to kill his younger brother because as he said "out of all of this crazy and fucked up world he is the only innocences left and he vows to check in from time to time to ensure his safety • he uses a Victorian cut throat razor, hence while in his early days they called him the Sweeney Todd
• his personality was described as loud and unsettling •his catchphrases are "your hand has been dealt" and "my daddy always told me to play the hands your giving, and it just so happens I was handed an insanity card" •he is quoted quite a few times saying how much of a cruel joke life is, one quote from a witness said that he described life as "nothing but a card game and if your unfortunate enough to be dealt the wrong hand that's it, boom your done finished, hell life is like one big game of black jack you either gain money or lose it all" another quote he has said is this, "life is nothing  but a black hole of rage and ignorance but if you pull down this blanket then everyone of these little mice in the giant clock of society will become exactly like me, madness is really the only real thing left in this hell hole UH HAHAHAHAHAHAHA" • he idolises the joker

Notable quotes • "feelings are like mines. You don't know when one will explode" • "life is like a game of cards, some people get dealt the good hand and life in a canvas of joy and love while others are dealt the bad hand that leaves you crying in an alley way" • "you know it just takes is one traumatic event to drive anyone off a cliff" • "your hand has been dealt"

Theme song iNSaNITY

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