Bedsy Bailey (The figure under your bed)

Bedsy Bailey (The figure under your bed)

Jaime and his friends saw the bloodbath happen over and over and over again. It's like they were stuck in a time loop of never ending torture and gore. They see each other dying from horrendous ways such as: suffocation with a noose, being poisoned by eating their own feces and more. All because of one thing.

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Jaime A. Woodlock was an egotistic, self-absorbed, Politician's brat that gets everything he wants, anytime, anywhere.

He has heard about a manor that was said to be Haunted with the spirits of the damned that was from the 16th century. Of course, Jaime does not believe anything said by others, so he brings his rag-tag bunch of friends to come and taunt the "spirits". "Are you sure about this Jaime?" asked his friend Morris. "HA! Are you a coward? You believe those liars?" replied Jaime. "I didn't mean it like that! I mean what if one of "them" attaches to us?" remarked Morris. 'They can't do anything to ME! They're already dead and WE know it!" shouted Jaime. Everyone was trying to reason with Jaime but he does not care at all. They set forth to the Manor. As they were on their way to the place, more and more the atmosphere became darker. The fog does not help at providing calmness to the bunch. Twigs falling, branches swaying, leaves falling. It was all like a warning. Like "something" was not happy with their decision. "That's nothing you cowards" said Jaime as he was smirking. "Turn back!", "Don't go there!", "Something will happen!" were whispers that Morris was able to understand. "Is it just me or there's whispers from all around us" asked Morris. "Just you Mo" said Stacy. "Yea dude" said the others. They finally arrive at the so called "haunted house" after a creepy trip. "HEY GHOSTS! IF SOMEBODY IS THERE SHOW YOURSELF OR SOMETHING!" shouted Jaime. "Are you dumb Jaime? They can't show themselves idiot!" said Stacy. Is this the so-called Manor? Are they lost? No.

There's nothing scary here, let's just go, I thought I'd had fun." said Jaime. The foolish bunch thought it was just a rumor. Boy were they wrong.

After that day, every single night, The "thing" started to play with their own minds. Corrupting their dreams to the point that they wanted to just wake up but can't. It was so horrifying that the thought of something attaching to their precious bodies was possible. "I had a really bad dream last night" said Jaime. "me too!" said Morris and the others. Their chats every day would be comprised of school stuff, and the dreams. At first it was pretty creepy, but it got even creepier.

After a week or so from the day they went to the manor, stuff got real, real fast. From doors closing and opening, to knocks on the bed, and even went as far as actually them waking up. "Okay, okay, so one night, I was scrolling through the internet at night, as usual, but I heard this laugh of a little boy at the living room. Once I went there, he was so pale and livid and his laugh was filled with hatred and anger." said Stacy. More and more of them experience the horror, even going on to "it" haunting them at their school, in front of many people, because of "it"'s hatred for the group. Suicidal thoughts came into their minds as they dream about their friends dying over and over again.

"NoNoNONONONO STOP DON'T" said Jimmy another acquaintance of Jaime. "Jim? Are you having a nightmare? Jim! wake up!" said his parents trying to wake him up. "Mom? Dad?" asked Jimmy unaware of what has happened. "Wait,wha-?" said his parents. "Why are you crying?" asked Jim. "We thought you were gonna die, you were panicking so bad that we thought you were gonna have a heart attack." "What do you mean?" asked Jim. The parents looked at each other in confusion. They stayed by Jim's side all night. When the time arrived, they went to seek for a priests help. The priest sensed an evil spirit lurking about near Jim. The spirit, was a little boy named Bailey Georgeton, he was drowned by british people during the american revolution. He was cast away by the holy priest but has warned that it might come again. He performed an exorcism as the spirit was corrupting him and his friends. Some say he is still wandering about to this day. Do not disturb spirits else you will experience the pain the Bedsy Bailey have given to these people.

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