Broken Family

Broken Family

I was always quite smart. I grew up in a poor household where we had to save every penny, I luckily managed to score well in school, high enough to get into a good university. When I graduated I began building up my wealth. I remained stingy, due to my upbringing, but I spent a lot on my parents and even took them in. My family was never the type I got along with. They, however, claimed it to be different. Lying about always loving me and talking about how much fun they had from the few times I visited. I could see straight through their lies. They just wanted money.

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I was never treated well by them in my opinion. The few times I wasn't ignored they made fun of me, bullied me. I just started ignoring them. My parents luckily understood the situation and got new phone numbers when I got successful. We thought we got rid of them, but that wasn't the case. The somehow managed to find my address. They started coming to my front door. Ringing the bell, shouting, telling me to open the door so we could talk. I stopped counting how many times I called the police after the fifth time in 2 weeks. I knew they just wanted money, but I wasn't planning on giving any since they've treated me like trash for as long as I can remember.

Things seemed to worsen. I kept being followed and rumours have started popping up about me. When I asked a coworker about the rumours they said that it supposedly came from a family member of mine. I stuck to crowded areas from then onwards, to avoid getting jumped, but the rumours were a lost battle from the beginning. The police did look into the matter. Alas, they found nothing. One night I went to sleep, when I was suddenly awoken by footsteps. I hid in my closet and waited. Someone got in my room and stayed there for a while, before finally leaving. When I was sure they left the house, I got out. They had left a note saying: “give us some money, or you'll regret it”. I was done with their shit.

I immediately brought it to the police. Thankfully, some of my family members had a record. If it wasn't for that, I don't think they would've believed me. The police started an investigation. I knew I made them madder than before by doing this, but it had to be done. I installed security cameras around my house afterwards. I just didn't feel safe anymore. I went to sleep without much issue that night. I thought that it'd at least take them a while before they'd do anything. I was wrong.

I suddenly woke up that night in a cold sweat. I had a nightmare. I can't really remember much of it, but I know it had to do with my uncle. When I woke up I saw a shadowy figure at my half-open door. It just stood there for a bit, staring at me, before leaving. I knew it had to be one of them. They weren't scared of police intervention. It was probably not even completely about the money anymore. They wanted revenge. I was still in shock, too afraid to move. I had never been as scared as I had been at that moment. If the police aren't going to protect me I'll need to protect myself, I thought to myself. I wasn't going to let them do whatever they wanted with me. I started locking my bedroom door from that moment onwards. They weren't going to get to me without alerting me of their presence.

A few days went by without a problem. “They were probably playing it safe, or maybe they were planning something”, I thought to myself. I guess I was right, they were preparing to do much worse than before. I started noticing figueres in the corner of my eyes from time to time. They were fast however, as I couldn't catch them in my sights. I thought that I was going crazy, seeing things that weren't there. I wasn't, I was right. I kept getting nightmares of them laughing at me while some were kicking me, just like my cousins did when I was a kid.

I often saw them outside, only for a second or so before they disappeared. I started noticing items being in places I hadn't left them. Heard noises when I was on my computer. My parents started to get worried. They must’ve noticed all of it too. They tried to calm me down, say I was imagining it. But I know they’re scared too.

It kept getting worse. They appeared more and more often. They even began hurting me in my sleep. My aunt often choked me while I layed in my bed, not being able to move. I would feel a sharp pain in my back from time to time, most likely my nephews being the annoying shits they always were. I often heard laughter in the distance. My suffering brought them a lot of joy. Mom and dad had said they didn’t hear it. I bet it was because of those psychos worsening their hearing while they peacefully sleep. One day they cut the power in our house. I feared for my life that day. My parents weren’t home so I didn’t have to worry about them. I just quickly hid in my closet with a taser I had recently bought. I heard footsteps and laughter for an hour. Then it stopped and when I opened the closet I saw that the power was back on. They still kept tormenting me after that, as if nothing had happened.

I couldn’t take it anymore, but more than that I feared them. I feared what they would do next, how they were going to one-up themselves. So I locked my parents up in their room at morning. Some of those monsters might try to hurt them, to get to me, while I’m gone. I grabbed the best weapon I could, a large kitchen knife, and went outside with it in my bag. I went to my grandfather’s house, the place they all meet at. I wasn’t just going to enter the lion’s den, I’m not an idiot. I went to an open window and snuck in through there. I wasn’t trained in this stuff, but neither were they trained to spot people. My cousin came into the room and stepped to a bag in the corner. I snuck up from behind and stabbed her in the back of her neck. I quickly got out of the room and entered the next. My aunt was in that one, sleeping. I went over to her and stabbed her in her throat. She deserved it. I heard footsteps coming towards the room and rushed to the door, stabbing my uncle in the stomach. He let out a soft groan before falling to the ground. The amount of times he made me groan in pain like that was uncountable. This was payback.

His fall alerted some of the others. Being sneaky was no longer an option. As they rushed to uncle I waited around the corner, slashing at anyone who got in range. Two dropped before the others stopped running towards their goal. There was a moment of silence. Then my cousins screamed her lungs out. I often wanted to scream like that for all the things they did. I wanted to sneak out the window and try the stealth thing again, but this enraged me. As my grandpa said: “I’ll get the gun”, I rushed them, slashing and stabbing them one by one. A few of my cousins tried to stop me so they could continue their torment, but I fought them off. My grandpa ran towards his room as fast as his old legs could run. I didn’t allow this to happen. I jumped him and stabbed him for each time he beat me in the past. One of the remaining cousins punched me in the back of my head. Knocking me off grandpa. He got on me, repeatedly punching me. Before the other could join him, however, I hit his ball sack with my knee, grabbed my knife and stabbed him. I got up and ran after the remaining few. It didn’t take me long before killing them too. Some escaped, but only a few. Some of my nephews were hiding in the closet, terrified. A sight that I recognised. I didn’t sympathise though. Afterall, they were part of my problem. I took care of them before leaving.

Now I’m on trial. I’m not nervous though. I know I’ll win as it was all in self defense. My lovely parents are crying of joy. They can’t believe I did all of that to keep us safe. I’ll update you when this is all over. Wish me luck.

Submitted April 15, 2019 at 08:27AM by CraigUzumaki

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