Call of the void

Call of the void

this is my first ever creepypasta and im not a good writer so dont judge me

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Call of the void

So it happnend for this first time around 2 years ago when I was walking home from school

It was a pretty long walk so I was tired but out of nowhere I get a huge urge to just turn around and start walking back

There was no reason at all to do that but I just did I didnt think anything of it but when it started to happen more often I started thinking

Why was I doing this so I googled why I was doing things like that then I came across a wikipedia page about “the call of void”

It matched exactly to what I was experiencing I got scared because some people apparently got thoughts about jumping off a cliff

Easily killing someone with a knife but it said it was harmless unless you are mentally ill or something I knew I wasn’t mentally ill

So I thought it was okay many people get these but after a while I started doing things like going back down the stairs I just climbed

Setting an alarm just to set it back off and back on again without any reason at all

I never met a doctor for this because I thought it was nothing unusual but one time I was slicing bread with a big knife

And I just thought “I could easily kill my mom right now” but I never did anything dangerous but one time

I was visiting my grandparents they lived on the 10th floor I went to the balcony to just thought

I easily could just jump I got nervous because I actually though I someday could just jump then I remembered the wikipedia article and calmed down

I still continued to do these stupid things like someone or something was controlling me

One day it all escalated when I almost broke a window but stopped just before I could hit the window

Then I truly got scared because I didnt know if it was gonna escalate to the point I would kill someone

But I didnt go see a doctor I still continued to do stupid things like undressing after I had dressed for no reason

The urge was getting so irresistible one day me and my friend decided to go climb a building after we got to the top

The urge the urge to jump down I tried resisting it so hard but I almost did it

I somehow resisted the urge to jump down a 5 story building I got scared to even go outside

I never was self destructive or depressed I was a normal happy 15 year old teenager

But then something just came to me I had a really bad urge to just take a knife and cut my hand

And I couldnt resist it after cutting my hand open I realized this was not normal

But I still didnt seek help I was literally scared for my and others lives

One day I was walking around a mall when I had to go to the restroom

There was just one man doing is business when I got the urge

I slowly walked behind him and thought maybe nobody will see nobody will catch me

So I grabbed his head with my two hands and snapped his neck

Then I realized what I had done I ran out of that wc as fast as I could hoping nobody will see me

3 hours later I watch the news about a man murdered in the mall wc I panicked what if they are gonna catch me

I will go to prison for murder but after 3 days they still havent been able to find me so I thought I was safe

But not safe from myself after that I rarely left my room I actually got depressed im now writing this on my phone

Sitting on my bed crying because tomorrow I will go and jump off that very building I almost jumped down

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