Camp Happysmiles-Part 2: A Second Chance

Camp Happysmiles-Part 2: A Second Chance

It had been a year since the death of the 12-year-old boy at what appeared to be an insane serial killer. Camp Happysmiles had been running for years, but now it seems it’s reign of happiness had come to an end. In the Manager’s office, the Administrator wiped his brow. The CEO of Happysmiles gave him a stern look. “How could this day of happened?!” He yelled. “I don’t know. This guy, this “Smile” seemed to be a stalker of this kid’s friend. He was-!” “I know how it happened! But, how did he do this so easily!” The CEO sighed. “Look, I think…I think we need to close this park down. “But! But…yeah, I agree.” The CEO patted the Manager on he shoulder. “I’m sorry Mark.

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The CEO walked outside towards his car, the Manager looking at him in quiet anger. Close down? No, they couldn’t. Why was this happening? Why here, of all places. He sighed. It didn’t make sense. Suddenly, there was an explosion outside. Mark looked outside and saw the melted, charred remains of the CEO’s car. Next to him, watching intently, was him. Or it. The Smile.

“Oh God…” He whispered. He opened a draw, retrieving a small pistol. He heard the loud breathing of the monster outside his door. Luckily, it was locked, like it was always was at night. Park procedure. He didn’t understand it then, but he did now. “You can’t close us down, Mark. Camp Happysmiles will carry on.” There was a silence, while Mark thought carefully. “You’ve killed the Manager. I’m just the Janitor. You’re in charge now…” He held his breath while he waited for a response. “Haha…didn’t your mum ever tell you lying is wrong? There’s consequences for that, you know.”

Suddenly, the door was smashed down, splinters flying everywhere. Mark screamed as the Smile stepped over the mess he had made. He slowly rubbed his finger against his bloody machete, making his finger bleed. “I like you, Mark. So, I’m going to let you go. If!” He looked towards Mark, his emoji grin slowly widening. “If the Camp goes on.” “So you can kill more children?” Mark yelled angrily, reaching his pistol and aiming it at the demon, who didn’t even flinch. “Well, yes!” The Smile laughed maniacally.

He grabbed a hold of Mark’s head and slowly turned it, almost as if he was examining him. “The Camp will not shut down. Am I right?” He laughed. Mark grunted with effort, struggling to keep his eyes open. After a momentary battle, his head dropped. There was silence as The Smile watched Mark’s unmoving body. Then, The Smile fell onto the floor, spasmodic and then… Stillness. Two bodies on top of each other.

And then, Mark began to smile. “Perfect…”

Afterwards: After the events of A Second Chance, The Smile was presumed dead. No one assumes that Mark was in fact, possessed by the killer. Camp Happysmiles was opened again, so the screaming could continue.

What do you think will happen? Tell me in the comments. Let’s try and hit 800 views for Part 3…if you dare…lmao

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