Catch of the Day

Catch of the Day

I’m a fisherman. A damn good one at that. Every time I go out, I bring back enough to feed my family for a week. Cod, Salmon, Bass, Catfish, even some shark. Sometimes I just go crabbing, or maybe dive for some clams and mussels. Either way, I always bring home something.

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Then there was a day when there were no fish. Not a single bite. It was the most embarrassing thing to happen in my life. The feeling of not bringing home food to my hungry family. It hurt me. I promised them I’d bring home the biggest fish they’d ever seen that day. No matter what.

And so, I went from fishing hole to fishing hole, trying to find a big one. The Catch of the Day, as we called it. And yet, all along the coast, there were just… no fish. No sharks, no crabs, no eels, no whales even. The water was always… eerily calm. Unnaturally so, considering we always had surf-able waves year round.

One day, I decided enough was enough. I had to go out deeper. Surely there must be a school of fish somewhere past the shore. So I grabbed my boat, rations, and gas, and sailed out for a week. I would be damned if I never found even a single fish. On the first day, I went out 50 miles and cut the engine. There were no bites. On day two, I went out to 100 miles. Still no fish. On the third day, I got a bite.

I could tell it was a big one. The one I’d been waiting for all this time. With all my might, I reeled it in. I reeled like I was going to die if I let it go. It was thrashing around in the water like a lunatic. And yet, as I pulled, as my strength faded, it suddenly stopped resisting. I was taken aback. Why did it stop? Slowly, I begun to reel it up. And I was horrified by what I pulled up.

There, floating in the water, was a large, dark orb. However, the dark orb was seated inside a bigger, lighter orb… no, not an orb. It was then I realized I was never pulling what was on my hook up. It followed the line up… to me.

As I stared at it, it stared back. There was a large eye underneath my boat. Still coming closer, growing larger. From all my years of fishing, I’ve learned to know the emotion shown in a fishes eyes.

They were hungry. And I realized with a cold dread I realized why there were no fish. And as I felt the tears run down my face, I couldn’t help but realize how similar the beast below and I were. But I laughed before my inevitable death, to the one thing I’d been hunting my whole life. About the one promise I made my family.

At least we both found our Catch of the Day…

Submitted February 10, 2019 at 07:43PM by Cerabis

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