Crazy night drive.

Crazy night drive.

So this is gonna be a short story, but after reading some of you guys stories I thought I should share my own.

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I am in the military and I had just left my "A" school in Texas making the trip to my first duty station in Washington State. I lived in Texas so my Family had brought me my Land Rover Some of my stuff that I was not aloud to have in boot-camp and at school. We had also made plans to have my mother ride with me on the nearly 3000 mile trip.

Well we take a bit of a scenic route and head up through Colorado. To be honest I'm not super sure of the exact route we took, because we had the time and my mother had planned the trip and wanted to see some things. All I know is that we stopped around 5pm in a little town in the Colorado Rocky Mountains and were debating on whether or not we should stay the night or carry on due to the fact that a freak snow storm might close the pass over the Grand Teton Mountains. Now I did not want to stay in the little town because it looked like the storm might carry on for a few days. If you know me and my Rover, you know that even though it might not be the smartest thing, I am not going to let a little snow slow me down. So even though it had already started snowing at the bottom of the mountain we headed over.

Now the drive up was really not to bad, but once we started back down it started snowing white out conditions. We made it down nice and slow, but once we were almost to the bottom the snow was seeming to only get worse. When we hit bottom of the pass there was a State trooper with his lights on closing the gate to the pass. I rolled down the window and asked him how bad it was up ahead. He said that the snow was supposed to stop within the hour but he recommended that we follow him to the nearest town and get a hotel for the night. Now this was going to take us about an hour out of the way with the snow coming down the way it was. I'm a little older now and I would like to think I'm a little smarter now too, but at the time I was 21 in the military with a big SUV 4×4 big tires, big light bars, wrench, and jack. So we did the dumb thing and set out on the 3 hour drive to the planned stop.

We drove about 2 miles down the road and took a left where my mother indicated. Once we were on the road we saw a sign that said "Maintained Patrolled road During winter months Travel at own risk. " We kept plugging down. About 3 hours later, and now going on midnight, we had not seen another car, house, Street light, or turn offs, we only ever once in a while saw a sign that indicates the speed limit was 65mph which there was no way we could break because the snow was still almost in white out.

Now I had been running my overhead lights for a while now just so I could see where I was going, and I thought through all the snow I could see something up ahead a little way. Suddenly the snow stopped, now I couldn't see anything in the road so I traveled about another 200 yards and stopped for two reasons; one, I wanted to take a picture of how deep the snow was because I was having fun making the only tracks out there and the snow was up to the bottom of my door, and two I wanted shine my flashlight out in the fields to catch a glimpse of the animal I thought I had seen in this area. I open the door lean over and take a picture, close the door open my glove box grab my light and start to make a quick sweep of the area. As I am making the sweep my mother suddenly yelps beside me I look forward an about a 100 meters away I see what she yelled about. It looked kind of like an elk or at least the head of an elk but standing like a man with long arms and grey spots for eyes, not the green reflections you would normally see when you spot a animal in the dark. Now this was not the only weird thing. I have bright light bars so bright I was only running one set in the snow due to the blinding effect, But this thing seemed like it was sucking it up. There was near pure darkness behind it. I went to the center console and grabbed my pistol which I always carry, when I turned back I could just make out the figure lope slash running to a crop of trees in the field.

After a few moments of waiting for the thing to go out of sight, and noticing my mother had passed out, I quickly drove out of there. A few minutes later my mother woke up and started crying asking where the thing had gone and what happend. I told her that she had passed out and it was just an elk. I also asked why that scared her so bad. She looked at me like she didn't believe me but eventually went back to her maps.

We drove two more hours slowly leaving the deep snow and finally seeing some cars once we got close to the interstate. We got a hotel that night In Idaho Falls turning a 3 hour trip in good weather into nearly a 6 hour trip due to all the snow. I did not sleep that well that night thinking we were still not far enough from the thing I had seen. The rest of the trip went super smooth and I have since moved from Washington to a new duty station on the east coast, but when me and the wife wife made the drive we did it in the summer and went through New Mexico. You know because I wanted to sight see.

Any thoughts on what I saw I have never been into the paranormal stuff but I did have the one story from a few years back.

Here is the beast that made it all happen.

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