From a deleted xbox support thread.

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May 5th

SUPPORT Green screen then to black USER: RabbitKing457 Posted in xbox on consoles forum. Last replied by Miss Quintile

Hey everyone, I’m having some strange issue with my xbox. Granted it’s pretty old so maybe it’s dying. The other day the power went out for a few hours and when I turned the xbox back on it always freezes on the green loading screen for up to 30 minutes then I just get a black screen with a weird constant low frequency sound, like some one humming the same note continuously.

Any one else experienced this?

USER: Miss Quintile I’ve heard about freezing on the loading screen and then going to black, but there haven’t been any reports on the low frequency sound before. Have you tried following these steps in our Xbox blank screen guide? [Url removed]

May 7TH

USER: RabbitKing457 Yeah nothing works, although I found that one of my rabbits (I breed rabbits) had managed to escape from one of the indoor cages and had gnawed a little on my hdmi cable… the cable seems to still work but the xbox still acts the same way, I tried to factory reset it but to no avail. The only thing that has changed is that the sound has increased in volume and seems to have a weird guttural quality to it.

May 8th

USER: RabbitKing457 Now the sound is getting louder, it’s starting to make me feel nauseous, I have to unplug it to turn it off,the buttons on the console don’t work and when I plug it back in it immediately turns on and goes to the blank screen.

May 9th

USER: RabbitKing457 Tried it again today, the sound seems… less aggressive somehow, kinda soothing. These weird images of something brown flash on the screen. They only last for about a fraction of a second so I can’t make out what they are. Why hasn’t anyone replied yet?

May 10th

USER: RabbitKing457 The sound feels wonderful. The images are getting clearer, they appear to be of a man dressed robes, like a Buddhist monk or something in that area, he’s wearing what appears be an antique welders helmet. I think I’m losing my mind.

May 13th

USER: RabbitKing457 I had to kill all my rabbits in order to begin the transcend. He guides me to greener pastures but he won’t let me paint his majestic features. I cannot take the punishment again.

May 19th

USER: RabbitKing457 I shall now transcend into the abyss of dimension glorious. Humanity is a mistake, everything we believe is wrong, we are worthless in the eyes of the cosmos and I have been granted access to the beyond.

St. Charles County .

Offence/incident report

Officer [name removed] arrived at Grimrose farms on may 30th , a small secluded farmhouse with rabbit breeding facilities, after concerned neighbours called and said they hadn’t seen [name removed] for over a week. Upon inspecting the premises officer [name removed] noticed a foul stench covering the area leading to the residential house. He heard a loud continues noise coming from the house. The door was unlocked and after knocking 3 times he went inside. All over the single story house dead rabbits were strewn around in various states of decay. Some had been nailed to the walls in a christ like pose. “DIMENSION GLORIOUS” was scrawled on every wall and ceiling inside the house, written with what appeared to be blood and feces. The noise inside the estate was deafening according to officer [name removed], which he described as a low frequency growl, and it had reminded him of tibetan throatsingers . The source of the noise was a home theater system, the television was turned on but the screen was blank. Seated in front of the television in a lotus position was [name removed], he appeared to have been dead for some time, he had a deep cut going from his groin to his abdomen, possibly self inflicted. He had then appeared to shove a large butcher knife down his esophagus. Forensic report will most likely give a better picture of his demise.

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