Don’t enter abandoned towns

Don’t enter abandoned towns

I went to an abandoned town, a dark place, a place that should have never been entered and As the buzzing gets louder from outside my door I pray that I can save myself.

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There were four of us to begin with; four foolish teens who should have just stayed in the motel room and had sex until we had to leave, but we wanted adventure. We wanted to see something cool and we did. We came here on a school field trip and we were ready for some adventure. Kammi had found that a nearby city had been the site of a confrontation from world war two. The city was completely destroyed by the battle and was now just ruins.

it was forbidden to enter the city as it was a historic site and the depilated ruins could pose a danger to anyone who entered. Of course that couldn’t keep us away so we waited for nightfall. Kammi, her boyfriend Sean, his sister and my girlfriend Kayla and I, All stealthily made our way out of the hotel and into the city.

We took the class rental van out of the city and onto a dirt road that Kammi was sure would lead us to the ruins. I stopped to look at my wristwatch and found that it wasn’t working. As I am a generally intelligent person this should have been my first sign that something was wrong. Of course I didn’t say anything. I just made out with Kayla in the back seat.

After about two and a half hours of detours and turnarounds later we finally arrived. There was a high fence, but not a dangerous one and it was easy enough to climb over. Landing on the other side I felt strange. Lightheaded and a little bit dizzy, I thought it may have been from the climbing and jumping and quickly let it go. Sean and Kayla immediately pulled out there phones and started recording, Kammi and I just tried to take the whole place in. I’m no expert on war but from the state of the buildings it didn’t look like a war had been fought here. It looked like a bomb had gone off. I’m sure there wasn’t many terrorist attacks in the sixties though. We started to explore being careful to stay together, as we made our way through what looked like the main road of the city I started to feel light headed again. I didn’t say anything though. After a few minutes of walking and trying hard not to concentrate on the pain in my head I walked straight into a fence.

I looked around and my heart stopped, I was alone. The whole place was empty and silent. I shouted for my friends in disbelief. Where could they have gone so quickly and how did I walk into a fence, a few seconds earlier there was an open road in front of me. I turned around and the road was behind me, I briefly considered that I had turned myself around and walked back into the fence but the thought was shattered when I realized that the buildings were different.

Somehow I had walked through the entire town in a matter of seconds, I took a step forward and the dizziness started again. I braved on because I had to find my friends. I called out to them and then found myself standing in front of a large building, it wasn’t in front of me before this, the building had just appeared.

Again I was confused, it was like time was fast forwarding and pausing and then fast forwarding again, I was in places it didn’t make sense for me to be in. I knew I had to get out of this town but I had to find my friends first.

I peered through the door of the open building and saw Kayla deep in the darkness of , I made my way towards her but every time I took a step towards her she was further away and the buzzing in my head got louder. I was dizzy and felt like I was going to throw up but I kept moving forward, going further in.

Somehow out of nowhere both Sean and kammi appeared on either side of Kayla, I smiled as I saw them, now we could finally get out of here. I made my way towards my friends and this time it looked like I was filling the gap. I was getting closer and just when I was about an arm’s length away from them I heard a buzzing. Frome behind me a buzzing started and then shortly after a cell phone ring. I turned around and watched the screen of a cell phone dimly light up the room.

On the floor next to it lay three figures, three bodies lying perfectly still, three bodies in the shape of my friends. I turned around and in front of me Sean, Kammi and Kayla stood perfectly still as they always had.

The buzzing in my head got louder and I ran, I don’t know how long I ran for because it only felt like a second and I was back in the main city collapsing into the arms off a stranger.

I awoke the next morning in a hospital, apparently after lost consciousness I was identified and our head teacher had been called, When the sun rose emergency services had tracked the vans GPS and did a search of the town. They had found the bodies of Kammi, Kayla and Sean under a collapsed building. Apparently the shock of seeing my friends die had caused me to hallucinate the time travel and the ghosts.

It took a few days but I eventually accepted what they had told me, until one week later. That’s when the dizziness started again. It wasn’t severe at first but it soon started to get worse. Then I started to see them. My friends were everywhere, in the middle of roads and store windows and alleys. Everywhere I went I saw them, just standing, lifeless and the more I watched them the louder the buzzing got. The more severe the dizziness got, until I realized it was coming from them.

Now there outside my door, and the buzzing is making my ears hurt so much that I pray there’s a way to save myself.

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