Emergency Stairs in my work are haunted

Emergency Stairs in my work are haunted

Hey. I’m Rick. It is hard to write this, never posted anything like this before. Even thinking about it makes me uneasy. Some background before I get to the story. I am 25 now, graduated in cinema. In 2017 my dad applied for a permanent resident in Australia. We applied as a 'family unit' as they say. Well we were accepted! Dad and I came to Australia first and finding a job to stablish a nice base before my mom and brother come is our priority. So here I am.

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A brazillian guy just trying to find a job in another country and these first 5 to 6 months had been terribly difficult. To the point I had to pay a company to find me an internship. I figure the only reason I haven’t been called for an interview for a job is because I had no experience in Australia. The company took only 1 week and found me this nice graphic design internship opportunity in this company. I won’t give you much detail on it as it doesn’t matter much except to let you know why I am here.

Strange things happened since the start of this internship. I am starting to suspect there is something going on. The interview had been exceptionally easy to go through and they wanted me to start Monday and I just did.  

The first day came. I was proud and very happy to finally have something to do aside from playing dota 2 in my dad’s house and look for jobs all day. It is not a paid internship, but still it is something! I took the elevator to the 6th floor. The floor is shared with two other companies. Software developers and cloud computing guys or something like that. A tiny hallway lead to three glass doors each on one side.

When getting out of the elevator you are greeted by the door to the emergency stairs. Nothing new to me as I walked right past it the day I was interviewed. But this time I noticed an eerie aura coming from behind that door. It was like it had a slight… How do I even describe that? A… tugging sensation? Like gravity was pulling me towards it slightly, it felt like if I just let myself go I would be falling towards that door instead of the ground. It’s not a feeling that compels me to go to it, no.

My excitement for the first day as a graphic designer intern just lead me to ignore it and walk right past it and to the right glass door where I will be working for the next 4 months. I was greeted by my boss and he introduced me to the team. In total we are 6 people here. Ilam, the boss. Kevin, the tech and computer guy. Lewie, the developer. Kisha, who I still don’t know what she does, hehe. MLove, the reception guy. Yes…. I asked several times if I heard his name right and that was it. It is written on his badge, even and I just find it real funny. Still didn’t get to know them very well as I am an awkward guy and don’t really talk much. So after introducing me to them, he told Mlove to show me where the toilet was. He fidgeted and seemed to be in a hurry to go back to his office as if he was running from something. Neither of them wanted me to show me the way to that place.

It’s not like they would be showing me how to use the toilet! I didn’t understand. Mlove didn’t discuss anything and nodded, but when Ilam was gone he didn't get up from his chair. He only told me “The toilet is up one flight of stairs. In the emergency stairs. The toilet door has a code ‘c62’”

Ah…. Alright. He went back to his work. I have never heard of a toilet with a code in my life. And this building has no cameras. None at all. But the toilet of all places has a code? I didn’t give it much thought at all and just got to my work. I later found out all the toilets are in the emergency stairs and all of them have codes.

The first time I had to use the toilet here was unsettling to say the least. I got up from my chair, out the glass door and right to the emergency door. That weird feeling when I stood right in front of the metal door was there again. Ignoring it I just pulled the handle and stepped right in.

That strange gravity tugged slightly on me and I could feel it! Just like that I was engulfed by the place. What greeted me on the other side was an orange light tinting all the steps. The door pulled closed behind me with a loud 'clunk'. There was one of those light bulbs on each floor instead of the white fluorescent lights like outside. That strange gravity was heavier. But instead of pulling me towards the door it was pulling me up towards the higher floors. It is not like the building’s pressure is doing it as there was no wind when I pushed the door open and the air around me was just still. I guess this is one of those things you won’t understand unless you experience it.

Now that I understood why they didn’t want to actually come here, I just went up one flight of stairs and just ended up right in front of the bathroom. The door has a number combination lock. I wanted to get out of there as soon as possible so I didn’t think too much, just put on the numbers and got in to my business. The toilet itself looked like any of those mall toilets just much smaller. Nothing especial about it except that same gravity pulling me towards the door again. This ‘gravity’ pull isn’t strong at all, I can stand in front of it fine, but this constant pulling is just there it is extremely weird and makes you really nervous.

I wish it ended here. But having a gravity well in our building wasn’t what drove me to write this. You see. I have been working here for one week and creepy stuff keep happening in there everytime I go there. It is creepy, but very intriguing.

Everytime I stand more than 15 seconds to check my mobile phone for something, I hear heavy steps on the ground as if someone is going down the stairs in a hurry, barefoot. Getting closer and closer. But I see nobody and it only stops when the sound gets right up to me. It sounds as if this thing stopped right in front of me. The first time this happened I froze and didn't know what to do. Only after gathering all my courage I managed to turn around and get out! I avoided using the toilet that day. Which isn't uncommon in the office. Tuesday nobody left the office at all.

This one time I stood still and silent. Actually trying to get something to happen, trying to understand. Perhaps even seeking a little thrill? I don't know. I felt….No. I knew there was something doing exactly the same as me. Standing, staring at me. But I could just barely feel this wide giant smile. I couldn't actually see anything, but I just knew it was there. Like how a human body has this aura around it.

Wednesday after using the toilet and just getting out of the emergency exit I looked at my watch. It said 15:42 and right when I was looking at the time it switched to 15:45. It was strange, that never happened to me before. I wasn’t going to think much about it if it wasn’t for when I took my phone to look at some messages later and in the lock screen it was clear 15:42. I locked it and unlocked it again. It took at least two minutes to finally catch up with time again.

I also noticed this set of rules on the wall printed on a metal board. I never noticed it before. I guess it was there, but I ignored it.

1-Always look at the time before going in and if it is past 1700 even by one minute, bring the keys. Cause the doors will lock automatically at that time.

2- Do not make loud noises.

3- Keep the doors closed at all times.

4- Never use the stairs to go to the garage.

There was no real reason for me to question those at all. Until… The elevator wasn’t working so we had to use the feared stairs. While it is a very creepy place and I am sure everybody here avoids them. We still use them. The thing. Is that Thursday I had to go up 6 floors and I had to go through the stairs. The emergency stairs end at ground floor. Friday I confirmed this on the elevator. Ground floor is the last floor. There is no garage in this building.

So I questioned Ilam about the garage rule and he brushed it off telling me never to go down past the ground floor. But. What the hell. He seemed serious about it and it feels like he is speaking from experience. Like he knows something I don’t. In the same day the elevator was repaired.

Something is wrong. Those stairs are weird as hell. I never created this account to post stuff like this, but… Here I am…. Does anybody know about anything similar or have any explanation for what could be happening? Any suggestions or something? I’ll give you updates if things get worse…

Submitted May 25, 2019 at 02:15AM by TheNewEra0

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