Eyeless Andy

Eyeless Andy

Eyeless Andy NEWS REPORT The streets have been going on talking about the eyeless killer many people call him “Eyeless Andy” because it was so close the tragic event of Andy red, this tragic event makes people think that he is the ones doing the crime but it is not proven. The Hidden killer has not been found yet.

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“Andy! Come down and eat breakfast, you have school today its Friday.” Andy’s mum called him from downs stairs “coming!” Andy responded as any other kid waking up for school, all tired and sleepy, although Andy was a very studious Kid he didn’t like it, all because of Gorge and his gang of Ass holes.

After breakfast, Andy changed and went to school with his younger brother, Josh. They talked about girls and school all those stuff. Josh was only one-year younger, so 10 years old. Today was one of those days when the two siblings will have to be late to school because today Gorge and his gang took the bus, so Andy and Josh had to walk to school. They departed ways at the school, of course, Andy’s teacher talked to him about how he was one of the best students of the school and always made it late on Monday and Friday. Andy lived a lived of sorrow and depression he was afraid of Gorge and his gang, and he got madder about the fact he was too weak to stand up to them.

At recess he hung out with his younger brother again they hid in their favorite spot behind the school where no one could spot either of them. That’s when Gorge and his gang of fucker came and saw him, “oh look who it is the couple sibling, Ass holes” Gorge said with a laugh while his friends also laughed. Josh said “shut up” to them in a mumble, Gorge sprinted towards him and held him by his collar, “what did you say to me little fucker!” Gorge snapped at Josh and started punching him in the face. Andy looked in horror as he watched his little brother get beaten up by kids older than him, that’s when he got a feeling of somewhat anger and rage he snapped and punched Gorge in the face one of Gorges friends launched at Andy but he dodged and punched him in his ball sacks. The fight was over when a teacher saw them and send them to principal’s office.

Over at the principal’s office Gorge, Josh and Andy got suspended, they went home, Andy’s Father which he had always been abusive beat him and his brother till he was bleeding but Andy didn’t mind. Andy couldn’t stop feeling happy about what he did, he felt relieved and amazed that the little punk finally got what he deserved and that people like Gorge should die, oh if someone had just noticed signs maybe Andy could have been helped.

SATURDAY AFTERNOON Andy and Josh were walking around the park that’s when the heard the rolling and bumping int the road. BOOM! It was Gorge and his Friends with bottles of gasoline and bleach. the tied-up Andy and Josh. they threw bottles of gasoline and bleach at Andy, they made Josh watch, as they both finally realized what was going to happen Gorge had a spoon he walked up to Andy and started digging the spoon into his eyes, Andy released a blood-curdling scream louder than any other scream Josh has heard in the past, Gorge took both of Andy’s eyeballs out and then threw a lighter at him. Josh watched as his brother was burned alive, eyeless. Gorge turned around with his buddies by his side and, one step, two steps. He reached Josh, punched him and left him there.

Hours later when Andy and Josh’s mum was afraid, why her kids where not home yet she went to the park to investigate, she was met with a terrifying view. She called an ambulance and the cops, they arrived at the gruesome scene and asked questions to the local residents and Andy and Josh’s parents.

Josh was diagnosed with a serious type of PTSD As for Gorge after by proof of the witnesses, he was sentenced to death in an adult prison.

Andy woke up he couldn’t see anything it was black he touched were his eyes should be but there was nothing it was empty that’s when the nurse walked in and told him to calm down, he calmed down and rested. After hours his mum came “hey sweetie” she said softly in his ear, “you will be out in a week, okay I love you, bye…” she said sniffing her tears and wiping her eyes.

A week has past, Andy is sitting at the edge of his hospital bed unable to see anything the where going to take his bandages off but he wouldn’t care he didn’t have his eyes anymore, only his mum and Brother where there, his drunk Dad was probably cheating on his wife right now getting laid by another woman “he doesn’t care” Josh reaped in his mind and he was more than right his father didn’t give a fuck this only angered Josh “where is dad,” Andy asked, Andy’s mum Rosa looked sadder now, “oh He didn’t come am sorry honey, his drunk” his mum responded. “when is that fucker not” Andy growled in anger.

When his bandages were fully off his mum shrieked and Josh covered his mouth, Andy felt his face his hair his empty eye sockets, he laughed hard a psychotic laugh, “I KNOW RIGHT I HAVE NO EYES AND MY, MY MY, MY SKIN FEELS SO GOOD!” Andy said this in a sick psychotic laugh while laughing to himself. Let’s go home Family, Mommy, Little brother let’s go.

Late at midnight when Andy’s father arrived from work he heard laughter coming from the toilet, “SHUT THE FU…” he stopped his word after what he saw. “yes Daddy” Andy said, putting his tongue out, he had cut his lips from ear to ear making a huge smile carved into his cheeks, he had cut his tongue into some type of triangular shape, it reminded his father of a snake, he was supposed to be wearing eye patches, but he wasn’t.

“Oh daddy you have been a bad daddy this year this makes me very sad..!” Andy said Laughing in that psychotic smile, he launched at his dad with a large kitchen knife, his father screamed till he died. “ANDY” Rose Screamed, Andy leaped over his dad and cut his mothers throat, his mother gurgled blood until she passed.

Josh had heard unusual sounds he dismissed them as his imagination playing tricks on him because of his PTSD. He saw a figure out of the corner of his eyes, the figure rushed over to him and ripped his eyes out. “SSSHHH, it’s all over now” Andy whispered at Josh’s ear before inserting the knife into him.

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