File – 87154

File – 87154

Location: United States – Montauk, NY

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Year: 2014

Agency: [REDACTED]

Eyewitness: Dr. [REDACTED]

Dr. [REDACTED] is the lone survivor of a US Government funded experiment. All files related to the experiment have been digitally copied, as found, and can be found in file #[REDACTED]. The group of scientists, all highly revered in their fields of study, were trying to open a wormhole. As a rule of thumb we try to limit breakthroughs in the field of science when it comes to opening, or connecting to, any type of wormhole. Department [REDACTED] had one of their best and brightest scientist infiltrate the group.

He quickly reported that they had made significantly more progress than we had previously thought. At this point someone inside the group figured out his persona was fake. We tried to extract him but were too late, the US army had him shot.

We continued to monitor the situation closely, including releasing a type 00768 Tracker to closely monitor their progress without being noticed. On date [REDACTED] an electromagnetic pulse disabled our tracker, the latest data received pointed to them opening a wormhole at any time, so we decided to move. Military unit # 16 was sent in.

Upon breaking into the bunker the first thing noticed, as reported by soldiers, was a distinct lack of life. As he put it “You could feel the absence of life. You don’t realize how in day to day life you notice things; birds chirping, dogs barking, crickets, cars, a horn a half mile away, your fan in your house, your neighbors lights. Things that let you know life is there. This was a distinct lack of these feelings, not so much these things as there was light and obvious signs of human occupancy, just the feelings these things invoke.”

They made it to the locked laboratory door where they were conducting their main experiments. Upon breaking it down they saw a huge glass screen and behind it was a hole. As described by one soldier “It was blue, and heavenly. I could see planets and stars through it, I saw what seemed to be young species building their civilization, then I saw blackness. A blackness so complete I lost myself in it, I could feel my mind being pulled into it. Pulling myself back… Into… Myself was hard, I think that may have been the hardest part for all of us.”

All testimonies from all surviving members of unit # 16 can be found in file #[REDACTED].

Next an alien species stepped through, describing them is hard. As one soldier described it “It looked like a cross between a Xenomorph, an octopus, and Predator from that Schwarzenegger movie. An elongated purple head, a second mouth that extended out to open up to a razor sharp beak, and tentacles along their backs.”

Unit # 16 managed to kill all that had stepped through, and used weapon XI to close the wormhole. Heavy casualties happened, each surviving member will be given a 3,000,000$ bonus.

Thoughts: Wormholes can be used for time travel, which is why we try to keep them out of civilian agency hands. Time travel is dangerous to the very fabric of the universe and can’t be allowed into outsider hands. If one changed too many events, or did the wrong thing, time itself may disintegrate. That being said, this was the hardest event for me not to use time travel. We lost good, honorable men. Time traveling is strictly forbidden without getting authorization, if I had done this I would get the death penalty. Ultimately I didn’t do it because I am a man of duty. It is believed they opened a 0ddF7 type wormhole. This type of wormhole manifests in a unique way, it can literally pull your consciousness mind from your body, completely disassociating the subject. This can be fought, and usually requires intense training. While our troops receive this training, running into one is very rare so chances to test it, especially safely, are few and far inbetween. If you lose yourself to it it is unknown what may happen to your consciousness, death or living in a new plane of reality are both heavily theorized.

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