File – Black Knight Satellite

File – Black Knight Satellite

File – Black Knight Satellite

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While the Agency has taken out the Black Knight Satellite, we may never answer where it came from. Here are some compiled excerpts from the Agency’s files.

Compiled information from Nikola Tesla: “My radio picked it up again today, I think it may be getting smarter. I need to monitor it more thoroughly. I had that nightmare again last night, the one – the one where my equipment forms a monstrosity. I have to kill it to live, but nothing I do hurts it. This dream is bleeding over into my waking life. They’re watching me.” This was a diary entry where it is believed he started going mad.

His third contact with them: They sent a message back! “We want to show you the truth to the universe, only you.” I don’t know what they may be wanting to show me, can the very nature of existence be explained in words and feelings?

His First Contact: I swear what I got today was a coded message, it has to be. How to decode it though?

His last diary entry: I had to attend to my pigeons – only they can be trusted. Everyone else has betrayed and abandoned me. I don’t blame them though, when they showed me what it means to exist, I’d rather just take care of my pigeons. I think that’d be best.

The Agency’s First contact with the satellite: Our top scientists have picked up signals from what they believe is a high tech satellite circling the Earth. We managed to decode them and return reply in only two days, what we found is puzzling at best. It seemed to understand English immediately, and it wanted to ask us questions about ourselves. We managed to make sure no information was given. Whatever we are communicating with is intelligent, and can learn.

The Agency’s 10th contact: The AI learns too quickly, we tried to hack it but it has quantum computed defense. The Satellite seems to want to “become” human, why we may not even want to know. But must find out.

After destruction of satellite: A nuclear Warhead destroyed the satellite today, we are quite relieved. The AI was so intelligent, and we all agreed it felt like it had malicious intent. Maybe we just can’t understand something like that, AI powered by a computer and wanting to be real, and it made us instinctively afraid. Maybe we saved the world, personally I just am going to drink a lot of alcohol.

Russian account from contact with the satellite translated and transcripted to English: Our lead scientist has gone mad, he says It has taken him. It being the satellite. It has taken him is believed to mean he feels the satellite took his personality from him and absorbed it into itself. We have deemed the satellite a high class threat, nuclear options are being considered.

Russian first contact with the satellite: I received a signal today! It has to be alien, I’m sure of it. This will get me all the grant money I need to continue my research indefinitely

The satellite seems to be a highly intelligent AI that was determined to become “more human”. A side effect from this seemed to be driving people mad. No one argued it wasn’t best to blow the thing up, we figured nothing good could ever come from AI becoming human.

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