God is in the details

God is in the details

A great man once said, “if you claim to know everything about Quantum Physics, then you know nothing about Quantum Physics.”

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I remember as a kid I was sitting in the driveway outside my house after my father had driven off to work. The car was leaking oil and left a little puddle where the car was parked not five minutes before.

It was the summer holidays and the sun was beaming down. I was only six, but by that age, my fascination with numbers was starting to become apparent.

I was counting the numbers of drops the leaking car made back to the oil slick. When a glistening spectrum of rainbow colours in the oil caught my eye. I remember being mesmerized by the colours.

It wasn't until I was ten that I figured out that the thickness of the oil is similar to the wavelength of visible light. Different colours of light have different wavelengths. Depending on the exact thickness of the oil some colours don't reflect back due to destructive interference and some do reflect back due to constructive interference, so some colours are reflected strongly and others are not reflected, so the oil appears coloured. As the thickness varies different colours are reflected, so the colour appears to change.

The teachers knew I was different. But they never encouraged me. They all seemed scared of me. This became a pattern throughout my school years. Teachers were either intimidated by me or they flat out hated me.

It didn't help that I would constantly point out inconsistencies in their math or completely disprove a theory they had been working on their entire professional lives.

We all had our heroes growing up and mine was Richard Feynman. Even though he had died two years before I was born, I felt like I knew him. I remember the first time I saw the Feynman Diagrams. To some people, they might seem random or chaotic. But I could see a pattern emerge from the seemingly random chaos that was the Feynman Diagrams. It jumped out at me as soon as I saw them. The probable nature of a particle didn't matter to me anymore.

Have you ever looked at the vines that travel up walls, defying the laws of gravity by just holding on to get the best position for survival? What gives plants a sense of survival? Most will say evolution. But for me, evolution is just a fancy word for a very long time. If after a very long time a plant develops the means to protect itself. Then it learned to protect itself over time. That's a level of intelligence only attributed to sentient beings.

I always asked the questions that never got asked. Only to find no one had the Answers. This fascination with the deeper, underlying, mysteries of reality led me on a journey to find the true meaning of life. Like how the remnants of dead stars makeup most of our core being. You could, in fact, say that the dead stars are our ancestors. And like everything else in nature, they die and get converted to another form.

I was reading a paper on the nature of light and the wave-particle duality of electrons When something jumped out at me.

What if the wave that carries the electron, carries the information of the electron and can become the particle whenever it needs to. What if the wave carries with it the whole history of that electron past, future, and present. That way it appears to be in more than one place at a time.

It soon became perfectly clear to me that the atoms that make up everything in nature are in actual fact, conscious. And with this theory, I was soon on the brink of the most amazing scientific discovery in the history of mankind.

So I thought.

It was when I was in my lab and I was testing a theory. I had heard of a group of scientists that were struggling with the mechanics of teleportation. They could send the information from one location to the next, but they couldn't make the object rematerialize.

So to help read the infinite states of data and rearrange the information, I built my own special kind of quantum computer. It was the only working Quantum computer. Known only by me to exist.

It helped revolutionize my thinking. It allowed me to put my theories into real practice.

I had figured out a way to use it to read the information that made up a wave-particle. And what I discovered in the infinite stream of data was that the wave carries its past, present and future state. This meant, along with my Quantum computer I was able to build a machine to teleport an object from one place to another.

I was all set to go to make history. To bring the world to a better state of being. I had acquired a live subject for testing my theory. A small macaque. He was a lively little monkey who would do anything for a banana.

Everything was set up to go. I turned on the machine. The monkey dematerialized as I had hoped. But when it was being transmitted from one pod to the next I noticed my Quantum computer not only scrambling the data that made up the monkey. It was loading data unrelated to the monkey also.

The process was slow but once it finished the door to the pod opened. As the smoke began to clear to my absolute delight the monkey came running out of the pod. But it wasn't the same monkey. It looked like a younger version of what I had put in the machine. The machine managed to read the past data of the monkey and teleported a past version of itself. It was truly an astonishing mishap. But what happened to the original version.

I edged myself closer to the pod as the smoke cleared I cautiously looked inside. Brushing aside the last of the smoke. I was horrified to see another monkey in the pod. It was on the floor clearly in distress. It appeared to be deformed. But on closer inspection parts of his body was in different stages of decay. Limbs weren't fully formed or they had formed and died.

I picked him up and brought him over to the table and laid him down. It began to howl. It seemed to be in immense pain. So I decided to put it out of its misery.

As I administered a strong sedative to the monkey. The pod that the monkey had appeared in started back up. But this time it was drawing a lot more power than usual from some unknown place. As the machine surged to the point it was glowing, my Quantum computer started recording data being sent from the pod. An endless stream of data filled my computer screen. At first, it appeared random, but then words began jumping out at me. Something was communicating with me, something was talking to me.

As I put the words together they seemed incoherent. But amongst the rabble was a message.






As the words destroy repeated itself the surge in energy shortcutted all my equipment blowing out the power to the lab.

It was about a week after the accident. I was sitting at home when I got a message on my phone. It was from a close astronomer friend of mine. It was an urgent message to fly to California to  NASA’s Optical Communications Telescope Laboratory. As I read over the rest of the message my heart began to race. As I read the last sentence the blood drained from my body.

“Space, as we know it appears to have stopped expanding and planets in the night's sky are starting to disappear.”

As I Packed my bag the words destroy repeated itself over and over again in my head.

I never believed in God. But now I think I pissed him off. I certainly pissed something off.

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