Heaven for the Innocents

Heaven for the Innocents

I woke up in a room.

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A very large room.

It was grey colored and never seemed to have an ending. A shiny screen was situated in the middle of the room to which my eyes turned.

A big blue screen.

Some images are playing on it. They’re playing over and over again in a constant loop. I cannot see these images clearly but some images-despite being blurry-can be seen repeated.

Still not fully aware of the surroundings or my consciousness, I slowly stand up and rub my eyes. My eyes hurt a lot. It feels like sand had been flooding my eyes. I rub them again until I feel a bit better. I look at my body and realize that the clothes I last remember wearing were still on me. I still have my office shoes on.

I tried to remember what I was doing before all this happened. Was I working?

I try very hard but to no avail. My mind hurts a lot and I cannot really focus on anything right now.

The blue screen is still playing images and I decide to walk towards it.

The greyness in the room looked to swallow me anytime. It looked like it was waiting for the right moment.

My shoes were making quite the noise as I approached closer towards the screen.

Suddenly, I heard a noise behind me. It was a breathing noise. No-not breathing but, gasping. The sound that people make when they wake up somewhere they are not familiar with. The sound I most likely made when I woke up.

The greyness in the room is blinding my eyes as I cannot make out whom or what is around me, but its breathing is now more intense.

Then I hear it.

‘Who’s…Who’s there?’

The voice of a man.

Probably around my age.

My age.

I don’t remember my age.

‘Who’s there?’ The voice asked again. More of a demand this time.

‘Please answer me…PLEASE ANSWER ME!’ The voice started to get uneasy.

The darkness of the room and the nausea created from it was getting to my head. I felt like I was about to faint.

My body moved heavily as I opened my eyes again. Someone or something was shaking my body. I was lying on the floor. Did I faint? I guess I did.

Who was shaking me? That’s when my eyes shifted towards the human like figure near my feet. A man wearing a bloody white shirt and brown trousers shook my legs heavily. He was saying something but seemed my ears were behind course.

‘ARE YOU ALIVE?’ Soon enough I managed to hear what he was saying-or shouting, rather.

‘I…I…’ Words were barely coming out of my mouth.

‘You…You’re alive…’ The man spoke again before running his hands all over my feet and towards my neck. His sweaty palms wrapped my face soon enough as he double checked to see if I was alive.

‘Hey…Stop…that…’ I could barely conjure up words.

That’s when the man’s face got closer to mine.

The horrible sight that I saw was probably enough to make me faint again.

His face…

He had blood shots all over his face in small ink drops.

His mouth…

He had saliva drooling from his mouth.

His eyes…His eyes…

He didn’t have any.

Instead he had two perfect black holes dug into his skin. It looked like someone had scooped out his eyes with a spoon.

‘Argh!’ I jumped backwards with all the might I had left in me.

The greyness of the room suddenly came into my view. I had forgotten about it for a while. Whilst looking past the man, I could still see the blue screen, which was still flickering images.

‘Help…Help me…’ The man pleaded with his leaking mouth, his saliva drops oozing onto my shirt.

‘Get away from me!’ I shrieked towards him before pulling clear.

‘Please help me…’ He was pleading wildly now and smacking his hands on the floor-possibly trying to figure out where I went.

The fact that he was blind helped me get away from him quicker. Unfortunately, all I could bump into was more darkness everywhere. Darkness- except for the blue screen earthed in the middle.

I decided to head back towards it. It might have a way for me to get out of here.

I had to act fast because I knew the man would somehow find his way towards me. I paced myself quickly towards the blue screen and found myself glaring at the visuals on it.

The screen-which had been playing images of places, suddenly changed its view to my face. I was now looking at myself. However, there was something different about me. I was looking clean and casual. Not frightened or sweaty, like I was now.

Then I looked closer towards my head on the screen. There was something written on the top of my head.

It read, ‘MATT.’ Was my name Matt? A sharp pain in my head suddenly took me back to the woods. I was trying to remember something. It looked like I was driving a pick-up truck of white colour.

‘Help me PLEASE!’ The man’s aroused scream took me back to the hellish room again. I turned back and saw that he was slapping his hands all around the floor trying to look for anything that could help him.

‘Oh God! Oh God!’ His screams got louder again and again. They were deafening my ears now. I started to feel his pain in my heart. The fact that he was blind and he was stuck in this hell hole. Even with vision, I could barely take it anymore with this place.

I looked back at the screen and saw another image on the screen.

An image of a woman. She was pale white and had dark brown eyes along with fluffy long hair. Her name popped up on her head soon enough.

It read, ‘ALICE.’

Another flashback raced into my head soon enough. I was with the woman I had just seen on the screen. I was…I was kissing her. I was being intimate with her…I was kissing her neck. Lips.

I could feel the taste of her lips. The taste of peach.

Soft peaches. The scent clouded my head and I started to feel queasy. Was this girl my girlfriend? My wife?

‘ALICE!’ The scream from the man intruded my flashback again.

‘ALICE! WHERE ARE YOU?’ He screamed with agony. I could feel the pain in his voice. The greasiness it brought due to screaming so loudly.

Why was he screaming ‘Alice’? How did he know her name? Did he see the girl on the screen? How can he? So many questions filled my head so quickly.

I looked back at the screen to see the man’s face pop up alongside the woman. His name popped up above his head as well.

His name read, ‘JOHN.’

Then suddenly, some images started to play on the screen. It showed images of John and Alice together.

Spending time together. In a house.

Then it suddenly showed me an image of them kissing. They were getting intimate.

I started to feel nauseous. Why was John having sex with my partner? What was going on?

A flashback raced into my head which showed Alice and I kissing.

What was happening? Who was Alice?

My head was spinning now.

‘ALICE!’ John screamed from behind me.

I clutched both sides of my head and tried to hold it together. Then it happened. A video. It played on the screen.

I was driving the pick-up truck again through the woods. I had a nervous face on me. I was driving fast.

Really fast.

Then I saw it. Another car. A smaller one compared to mine. Then I saw the driver.


It was John.

I drove faster. Faster. Much faster now.

A cliff approached and I smiled. The other car approached closer towards the cliff. So did I now. I drove faster towards the car. My smile grew wider. I smashed into the other car as both of our vehicles tumbled into the cliff nearby.

‘SOMEBODY HELP ME PLEASE! MY EYES! OH GOD!’ John screamed frantically. I looked back to see that he was slapping and punching against the walls now.

My throat felt dry and hoarse. According to the screen, I had killed John, and in the event of doing so, had killed myself. The image of John with bleeding eyes popped up on the screen. He was reaching out from under his car. Slapping his soon to be lifeless hands in the air.

‘Argh!’ John screamed again.

I was holding my head at this point. I can’t take this anymore. The screaming. My head feels like it’s about to burst open. The images flickered again on the screen. Flashing faster one after the other.

‘ALICE! Where are you? Where are you my love?’ John started to cry as he let out. I started to feel his pain. I killed him. Does this mean we are both dead? Are we in Heaven? Hell? Or some other place people go when they die?

I walked backwards towards John. He was now on the floor, squirming.

‘Who’s that? Who’s there…?’ He stuttered out before continuing, ‘Help me…Help me…’

I wish I knew how John. I wish I knew how to help you, but I can try. I can try, John. I don’t know why I killed you but I can ask for forgiveness now.

I reached towards his hand and grasped it with mine.

‘Who? Who’s that? Who are you?’ He asked me, shaking and shivering.

‘I am…’ before I finished my sentence, I saw the object in his hands.

A ring.

A wedding ring.

A wave of dread swept over my skin. My head started to hurt again.

Alice wasn’t my wife. She was his.

I was having an affair with her and John didn’t know. Then…When we decided to be together once and for all, we decided to get rid of John. Forever.

I dropped back in horror and slowly paced away from John.

‘ALICE? IS THAT YOU? ALICE?’ John screamed in agony.

I looked back towards the screen and saw the words in blood red.


My head started to spin again as John screamed again.


I’m stuck in this room forever. With John’s sadness and agony to destroy me slowly. Minute by Minute. Day by Day.

My head felt like a hot stove right now. I was losing my mind.


John screamed again.

And again.

And again.


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