Help finding creepypastas?

Help finding creepypastas?

I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me locate one or both of a few creepypastas I read a while back that I can't seem to locate. I'll do my best to recount the few details that I can.

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    I really barely remember this one, and I'm not even 100% it was a creepypasta and not some other weird thing I listened to on YouTube. Basically, I think the main character loves finding weird stuff and scary videos. Think maybe there's a girlfriend also interested? Anyway, protagonist stumbles across this weird video that has no timestamp. It really just looks like a picture, and I think there was a woman in it that just stood watching. Eventually, main character's dad shows up and startles them, only to have protagonist realize they've been staring at this video for hours without realizing it. When they look back at the screen, the woman(?) has moved. I think the woman then appears in their real life and follows them around.

  2. There's a guy that is really big into traveling. Possibly a photographer? He goes somewhere on the coast (my mind is placing this in Japan or another Asian counry, but that could be wrong). He gets a ride on a boat to get to another location. Really heavy fog/mist rolls in and something happens that the boat goes down. The captain tries to keep them going before it sinks by steering straight toward where the fog should end. They have to abandon ship. The main character attaches himself to some driftwood and floats alongside it. Below him is a huge creature that I think resembled a woman in some features. She's unable to get to those that are floating beside/underneath debris for some reason.

Not sure why these two in particular are stuck in my head, as my faves are usually the more realistic, disturbing ones. I figure that they keep returning to me for a reason and I owe it to them to track them down and give another listen/read.


Submitted June 14, 2018 at 12:31AM by TheSp00kyCat

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