HELP! “I’m looking for X” Tip of My Tongue Thread

HELP! “I’m looking for X” Tip of My Tongue Thread

If there's a specific creepypasta or creepypasta narrarator you're looking for but can't quite remember the name of please use this thread to look for it.

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Please be sure to include as much information about the specific story/narrarator you're looking for.

I've included a couple of examples of previous threads that were started for this exact purpose.

I will be compiling a commonly requested stories list and put it in the Wiki as this thread gains steam.

When Monsters Are Real

Edit: Its from a third person point of view describing how a traveller would reach the place and view the Elephant's foot without revealing at all that the place is Chernobyl.


The Smiling Man

Does anyone remember the Creepypasta about someone walking down the street, and in the other side was a person walking very odd, staring up in the sky, and with a wide grin? I'm not entirely sure how it went but if anyone has the link let me know!


NoEnd House

I can remember it was about a house with loads of rooms. One of the rooms was full of wildlife or something and there was this dude who ventured through tons of rooms with each room having a different experience.


Escape from Merrywood

It's a game pasta about being trapped in a town surrounded by forest by an invincible monster, the monster strangely enough converses and is docile during the day, however at night (the only time you could try to escape) it would hunt you down mercilessly. The narrator eventually figures out that the monster can be killed, but only by its own means, i.e. the narrator has to find a way to force the monster to commit suicide. So during the day the narrator berates and harasses the monster until eventually the monster commits suicide and he is able to escape.

been trying to find it for weeks, and it's killing me


Submitted July 14, 2018 at 11:05AM by XanCrews

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