I accidentally talked to the Void And have a question.

I accidentally talked to the Void And have a question.

Hello, I was recently laid off so I had to find less than satisfactory employment at a certain fast food place with a female red-headed mascot, rhymes with, you know what let's just call it $pendy's. So I haven't been working there very long(about half a year) and I was put on the drive-thru, now we have a little chime that goes off in our headsets whenever a car pulls up to the speaker. Every now and then a car will pull up, for whatever reason not make an order and leave. We call these ghost cars because our computer system thinks that they have made their order and have now come up to pay. It takes about 3-5 minutes for the system to realize that the car is not there.

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Now our $pendy's is fairly new and way the hell out on the outskirts of town, I guess when they were looking for where to build the place, they thought our town would build up much quicker than it did. So we are pretty much surrounded by vacant lots and half built lots, if we weren't on the only state route coming into town I don't think anyone would even know we were here.

I tell you all this so you know I'm not completely insane when I tell you that I started talking to, what we like to call, the Void. It happens a lot to all of us, The chime goes off, the order taker will look up and see on the monitor that we have a car and immediately give their greeting to a ghost car, upon realizing the error we will generally say something witty. And so we started talking to the Void. Well about two and a half weeks ago something weird happened, I know what you're going to say it was just some teenagers hanging out in one of the half built buildings, thought it would be funny to answer back, but I don't believe that could be the case, not unless they had already been out there one night, heard us talking to the void and then decided to practice perfectly saying the exact same response to our questions, and they weren't one word answers either, sorry I'm getting ahead of myself. I was on the drive-thru taking orders like a boss, when a ghost car happened, I don't remember exactly what I said but it was something like “hey, Void can I go home soon?”. I was not expecting to hear chorus of around 10 voices answering back with “(My Full Name), you know you're on the clock till close.” like a disappointed mother, this pretty much scared the shit out of me and everyone else who had a headset on.

Now I don't like my middle name so I just put my initial down on my application and I haven't lived in this town very long so no one should have known what my middle name was. At first my coworkers were just going to brush it off as a prank, then I explained that no one should know my middle name, my manager decided that we would ignore it, and hope it goes away (I don't even really know why I was surprised by that behavior). We were told that under no circumstances are we to talk to ghosts cars or the Void, yes even if we think we're funny.

So a few days go by and we think nothing of it, well I try not to think of it. Another ghost car, this time I didn't realize it was a ghost car. The chorus of voices was back, and the Void wanted chicken nuggets. I don't know how it was thinking of paying or if it even realize that it did have to pay, and I kind of don't want to know either. My manager, the same one from the previous night, told me that we were under no circumstances to ring in that order.

Last night that manager didn't have a headset on, as they were in the back office doing paperwork I assume(or you know more likely, on the Book of Faces). Again I was on drive-thru and again a ghost car came through and the void ordered chicken nuggets, we all kind of looked at each other and I asked if the Void intended to pay with cash or credit. “I have something far greater than legal tender, I have answers.” Okay so we were kind of intrigued by this, “Answers to what?” I asked. “Everything.” The Void answered smugly. Just then my boss came out of the office, “What the hell are you guys doing?” And we had to pretend that we weren't just caught with our hands in the cookie jar. The rest of the night flew by.

So my question is to you guys since this happened last night and I go in soon so what should I ask/should I ask anything at all?

Submitted January 05, 2019 at 10:40AM by kattsynn

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