I Hired A Hitman To Kill My Doppleganger

I Hired A Hitman To Kill My Doppleganger

“And what does he look like?” The man asked. I smiled and said “He looks just like me. He’s my doppleganger of sorts.” He nodded and left.

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It was really exhausting having a doppleganger. He’s taking all my opportunities in life. I once was hired in a big time company that I really liked but my doppleganger, being a smart boy, took the job for himself and I landed a job as a barista at Starbucks. Although I liked the smell of coffee and everything, I could really use the extra cash I would earn on that company. Recently, he had stole my girlfriend, which really bummed me out. Melissa didn’t even know she was holding the wrong guy. Of course she wouldn’t know because my doppleganger moved, spoke, and acted exactly like me. So much so that even my own family was fooled by him. At this point, I’ve had enough. Frank, my hitman, was the only solution I could think. I figured that if he could kill my doppleganger, I could hide the body and continue with my life he stole.

Now hiring a hitman is really really expensive but that wasn’t as hard as accessing the deep web. How did I get my hands on that kind of money? Well, I played doppleganger, of course. I stole his credit card and got a few bucks from my account, and I’m saying my account and not his because originally, that was my account, he just stole it from me, like he always does. I did return his credit card of course. What I did was suspicious enough and I couldn’t afford him finding out what I’m about to do, or what Frank is about to do.

I didn’t really know why I had a doppleganger. A quick wikipedia search tells us that dopplegangers are a bad sign. To be honest, I couldn’t agree more. He really is causing me trouble. That trouble included stealing my entire life. I mean, he could be anyone else. He could live someone else’s life, but instead, he chose to live my life, which makes my blood hot with anger and frustration. Eliminating him is truly the only way.

A few days later, Frank had returned with some good news.

“I found him, boss.” He said, proud of himself. “Good, bring him to me. Could you do that?” I asked. “Yes.” He said. He left as quickly as he arrived. I trust Frank. I know he’s capable for the job. I have no doubt that he won’t fail, that we won’t fail. I found his profile on the deep web. He is a professional at this but he looks like that good guy you see in movies, but I guess that helps him win the trust of his victims. I sure do hope it works with my doppleganger.

On the night of March 28, before my birthday, he brought him in. It was like my birthday present, I was so excited.

“Here he is.” Frank said, a big smile plastered on his face. I couldn’t help but smile. The sight of my doppleganger grunting on the floor gave me a giddy feeling. I nodded at Frank and he sat down on the easy chair, looking rather amazed.

“Wow, you really look like him.” I dismissed him and look at Martin crawling at my floor. I crouched to reach him.

“Do you remember me?” I said as my grin grew wider, I realized that he’d been beaten up. His movements were held back, calculating what move he’d use to defend himself. He looked at me, anger filling his bloodshot eyes.

“You’re that douche pretending to be me.” He fiercefully said, every ounce of hatred he had was visible in his words. I smiled a little, amused by his knowledge of who I am. “I am tired of living behind your shadow,” I said “But now, there won’t be any shadow to live in.” I motioned for Frank to come closer and being the obedient hitman that he is, he did holding his gun.

“But you’re my doppleganger!” Martin said. Frank froze at his feet, clearly confused. He slowly backed away. I reacted fast, grabbing my hand gun in the drawer. I pointed it at Martin.

“Maybe I am the doppleganger,” I said, I pulled the trigger twice. “But now that the original is gone, then I’m not the doppleganger anymore, am I?”

Frank aimed his gun at me, but my gun fired first, the bullet went straight to his head. I smiled as I dragged both Martin and Frank’s body into the lake.

As I was cleaning up, Martin’s phone rang, Melissa was calling.

“Hey babe, dinner tonight?” she said.

“Yeah, sure.”

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