I Learned that I am a Part of a Tentacle Monster and I Don’t Know How to Feel

I Learned that I am a Part of a Tentacle Monster and I Don’t Know How to Feel

I'm normally a well-spoken individual until I get fucking drunk. That's the story with ninety-nine percent of people in hist…. no ONE HUNDRED percent of people in history. Correct? It seems to me, that the only thing dividing me when i wake up and when i start ranting is the substance flowing through my goddamned system.

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This substance (not given a name for many legal reasons and also use your fucking imagination because that's the point of all this) has begun to infiltrate nerve endings, bone marrow, bodily behaviors, mental focuses, my own awareness of synapses, and that's when i saw a tentacle rising from my nose.

This tentacle wiggles and squirms like a little new arm between my eyes. Then there were more little tentacles appearing on my hands, adding to my dexterity in typing. The slimy fluid covers the keys I'm using to type this and Its making it so fun to slip and slide all over the mess. Slippity slop! It wiggles around my hands as my fingers get more and more squishy with every tap and every tippity tap gets slishity splashier and i'm watching my wriggling tentacles twist and swim and slip and slurp and squish all over the black sticky board.

I hope the slime doesn't make the keyboard circutrxbf x dfffffffffffffffffffff

Now my keyboard is broke and I have to use my voice to text program but tentacles keep coming all over their face all over my face the tentacles don't stop they keep coming on my mouth and then you know what I think they are everywhere I have to copy and paste everything I say as the tentacles wrap their way around and around.

I learned that I am tentacle monster Part 01122 113 B and I don't know what to feel there is a small girl at my fingertips how do I approach and do what my tentacles are doing I think she is an anime because the lines on her skin or too big and black she is drawn drawn like Ace cartoon.

I am so sorry I am so sorry all of this has been a big mistake all of this all of this life has been a big mistake the software doesn't quite get what I say but I am squishing the girl squishy squish squishy squish squish squishy

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