I see really weird s*** while high (part one)

I see really weird s*** while high (part one)

part one; the thing in the mirror.

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My names Lucile B Belfort and I see weird shit while high. You might think hallucinations while high are common, you’d be wrong.

You see, when you get high one of two things happen; you can focus on your dreams and fantasies easier or you can get really tired and just let your mind drift off. You never actually see shit, you may mistake the common leaf for a bird from time to time, but that’s about it.

Still, getting high is great! Except for the fact that lately when I get high, I’ve started to see some weird shit.

For instance, the Thing in the mirror. The most alluring of my stoned apparitions, a sliver haired girl who lives within the confines of my mirror. I find this only odd because I look nothing like her, for one I have brown hair, and for two her eyes are nothing like mine; there big, like alien big. Like nothing I’ve ever seen before big. She’s still beautiful non the less however, so seeing her in mirror from time to time isn’t so bad. I have to admit I actually get high sometimes just to see her… I call it a lil crush, my grandmother who lives within the t-shirt in my wardrobe calls it a weird form of drug abuse. But I’ll talk about her later.

I call her the Thing in the mirror only for the fact I can’t bare to think, let alone begin to wright her name. She’d told me her name once, after the thing pretending to be my cat came in threw the window a week ago, but that’s a story for another time.

When she spoke her name out loud my vision went dark. The best way I can describe what happened to me is I basically hit ‘white’. If you don’t know what that means you’re a nerd, but I’ll explain non the less. Basically, if you smoke too much weed you lose your vision and become uncontrollable sick. The only way to stop hitting ‘white’ is to vomit. To which I did. Twice. It didn’t work, I immediately started to panic.

I begged her to stop, thankfully she did.

Unfortunately however, I haven’t seen her since. There was an unmistakable sadness in her clouded eyes that night. My vision returned and I was left alone with a puddle of vomit and regret. I miss her, I smoke a dupskin in front of the mirror sometimes in the hope she’ll reappear, and I can apologies. It hasn’t worked yet; I’ll try again later tonight.

Lately, I’ve started hearing the mole men under my floor boards. They drive both me and my cat, Sebastian, insane. Last night Sebastian had had enough began to somehow pull up the floor boards using his claws. He’s a fairly small cat, but he sometimes shows abnormal qualities. I mean my house is pretty old and not in the best of shape, but it would take more than a small cat to lift the floor boards surely?

I too was driven to madness at the inessive scuttling of the mole men and joined him; putting my hash filled bong back on my night stand.

I moved him to the side and began to pull out the boards myself, exposing the first lone mole man. He was the size of a large rat but had the characterises of a hairless fat man.

He was an ugly little shit. My cat agreed with a hiss as it launched at the fat man, I didn’t stop him. I just watched as the man shrieked in terror, as my cat swiftly tore him apart. After the deed was done, I ran into my brother’s room to show him what had happened.

And would you fucking believe it, the bastard’s corpse was gone. It couldn’t have been Sebastian I’d carried him with me to Fitches room; I didn’t want him eating the evidence after all.

My brother looked at me applauded by my high induced mess, then began to laugh at how stupid I was. I didn’t tell him about the mole men, said it was a rat instead; can’t have him thinking I’m too crazy now. After all, a part of me knows it’s all in my head. I mean this stuff only happens when I’m high right?

But I gotta admit… it all did seem so real.

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