I Think Boobs are Evil

I Think Boobs are Evil

    "I think boobs are evil," said Fuad.

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    "I do too!" Exclaimed Sean.

    "I think boobs are evil," Fuad said again.

    "Me too!" Sean chimed in.

    "I think boobs are evil," Fuad said, this time drawing breath at the end of his statement as if exasperated.

    "As do I!" Sean exclaimed, louder now than previously.

    "Shut the fuck up, you bloody bastards!" Gregory, their neighbor, cried upon being woken up by the two.

    Fuad and Sean both looked at each other, shocked that they'd been disrespected in such a way by their slimy little neighbor whose daughters were the town whores. They smirked and nodded, silently agreeing to something evil between themselves.

    The next morning Gregory was found dead.

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