I Thought it was a S.T.D

I Thought it was a S.T.D

As I'm writing this it's a bit late and all the lights are on and all the tv's are on and anything that can play music is on. It helps to distract you from what's going on around you. You never feel alone when you have the telly on, for some reason, or a radio playing. It also helps drawn out the strange stuff that's happening. When the lights are on and there is noise in in the background it keeps the scariness away. It seems to come out of the darkness.

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Me and my wife Julie wanted to get away from it all. We never had kids, just dog's that we treated like kids. We are finding ourselves getting on in years. Worked hard all our lives and just wanted to relax.

So we decided to move. Find somewhere out  of the way. Something isolated. After weeks of searching we finally found what we were looking for.

It was perfect. Cheap. In fact it was seriously cheap. I thought it was because there was something wrong with the house. Whatever it was we had the money to fix it. So I thought

Everything was on bored. The house was perfect. Big kitchen, Dining room, living area, five big bedrooms with a few hidden extras. What caught my Interest was the cellar. It was big. It had so much potential. It also had a creepy hidden door that I couldn't get open. Can't wait to see what's behind. It felt like it was Christmas and I was ten again.

We had all our stuff moved over to the house. It was going to be our first night in the place. All I had to do was wait for Julie to arrive with the dog's.

As I was unpacking stuff. I took a chance to explore the house. There was a door I was interested in down in the cellar. I noticed it the last time we were checking out the house but it was locke. I grabbed my crowbar. I get down to the cellar, as I make my way down the stairs, I got the creepiest feeling something was watching me from the dark corners of the cellar.

The door was solid. It appeared to be nailed shut. What ever was behind it they wanted kept away from prying eyes. After about an hour or two I finally get the door open. It was an empty room. The room was empty apart from  a sheet of wood on the floor that seemed to be covering something. I go grab my flashlight. I got my fingers in under the sheet to flip it up. It weighed a ton but managed to flip it.

I was stunned to see it was covering a large hole. A bottomless pit first sprung to mind. I shine the flashlight into the hole, it wasn't a bottomless pit. But it was deep enough that if you fell in you weren't getting out without any help. Then “Silence of the Lambs” sprung  to mind. I stood there for a few minutes pondering over what the purpose the hole had. It seemed so strange and pointless. As I stand there peering into the darkness of the hole, I could of swore I heard something whispering from the darkness, it was so faint, echoes from wind getting into the cellar from somewhere I thought. I heard a car pull up from outside the house, it was Julie with the dog's. So as I was leaving the room to go up to Julie. I heard it, I could swear I heard the words “Help Me” rise up from the hole. I just shrugged it off as Julie was calling me from up stairs.

When I got up stairs she was still outside with the dog's. “They are acting strange” she tells me as she tried to settle them. It was the house, they were scared of the house. I tried my best to get them to go into the house but they wouldn't go near the place. They were big old black Labradors about Thirteen years old. We got them as a pair and called them Sprinter and Polly. From the moment we had them we kept them as house dogs and the older they got the more they liked to relax in doors, so this was very unusual for them. The house came with a small outhouse and they seemed fine with it. They seemed happier to be away from the house.

After we ate and the dogs were settled in the outhouse. We decided to make our bedroom somewhat comfortable till we get more settled. It was getting late and we were tired.

It was beginning to get dark and all the lights in the house had no light bulbs and it was the one thing we forgot to make sure we had packed away at hand. Luck had it I spotted three light bulbs in my tool drawer. So we had one for the bedroom, one for the bathroom and one for kitchen.

Soon as the darkness descended on the house. Noise around the house began to act differently. It traveled around the house differently. If you were standing in a spot that was dark Soundwaves from your voice seemed  to fall flat. It was so strange. I started to put it to the test. I would stand in a dark corner and try and speak to Julie, but as the sound came out of my mouth it just seemed to fall and Julie couldn't hear me. It was like my Soundwaves couldn't reach her.

It wasn't  the case all over the house. It just seemed to be in certain spots. Me and Julie decided to explore some of the others rooms in the house for more strange stuff. We still weren't scared or anything, we put it down to the way the house was built. We actually thought it was a bit cool. Some rooms echoed differently in the darkness. One room when you said something the echoe was quick, your voice seemed just that bit louder. Other rooms if you said something the echoe seemed to go on, but it wasn't echoing around the house. It felt like it was bouncing around the walls of the room. At one stage I was in one room and Julie was in another room and for some reason I was talking to myself out loud and from behind me I heard my wife ask me “what did I say.” I turned around because I thought she was in the room with me, but she wasn't. She was actually in a room down the hall from me. We even put this one to the test as well. I stood in the same spot I stood in the room and visa-versa, but I didn't speak loud, I whispered and sure enough she answered me back. It was the strangest thing I had ever seen. It was like the sound was being  transported from one spot, directly to another.

Few days pass and we filled the house with lamps and put lights bulbs in all the rooms around the house. The dog's still wouldn't come into the house. They were happy hanging around the outhouse. The strangeness didn't stop, but it wasn't till about the fourth night that things took a little turn for the worse.

It was getting late and Julie was up stairs getting ready for bed. I was down stairs reading a book and I hear an unlawful scream come from the bedroom and when I ran up Julie was crouched down by the bed rattling. I run over to her to see if she was alright and she just jumped up and hugged me. I begged her to tell me what happened, but she wouldn't. She just told she was tired and wanted to go to sleep with the light on and not to leave her alone.

It wasn't till the next day when we were having lunch that see told me. She said the light in the lamp went out by the mirror on the nightstand in the bedroom. As she walk over to try fix it, a dark outline of a person appeared in the mirror. Then a figure of a baby appeared in its hands, but the figure of the baby was so much clearer. She said you could see the blue on the lips of the baby and make out the darkness of the baby's, eye's. The baby was dead she told me and as she was gazing at the baby it's  eye's, shot open and it gave her such a fright. She even apologised for being so stupid that she must of been over tired.

That day Julie wanted to go take the dog's for a trip, get them away for a few hours. I knew it was an excuse to get away from the house for her as well.

It was starting to get late in the evening and it was getting a bit dark, so I went to turn on the light in the kitchen to cook some dinner for when Julie got back. The light switch didn't work, so I checked a few more and the power seemed to be out. I make my way down to the cellar to check the fuse box. It was pretty dark down there so I brought the flashlight. As I was checking the fuse box the flash light went out and as it did I heard that voice again. This time it was a lot clearer. It was the voice of a young girl coming from the room with the hole. At first it was a whisper, then it got a bit louder “please help me, please help me, I just want to go home.”

As I got closer to the room, the darker it got and my eye's, had to adjust to the dark. I couldn't get the flashlight to work. The voice kept on calling out. As I got closer, it fell to a whisper and when I got to the hole it just stopped. As I peer into the hole I call out to someone, I ask them are they ok. As I look into the hole two bright little specs appear. A bit like cat eye's on the road and they appeared to be getting closer. Next minute I'm  waking up and I have a shooting pain going up my back to my head. I'm in the hole. I must of slipped in. I don't even know how long I was out for. I start to call out to Julie. As I screaming I realise I'm not alone down here. I can feel them breading on my neck. Then I hear a whisper in my ear “He got you too, now he owns you.” I start to feel hands make there way up my legs. I start screaming for Julie, as the hands are making their way up my body I hear a voice from up top. It was Julie asking me why I was down a hole. The hands were gone. The whispers had stop. Julie got me a ladder and got me out. I didn't even tell her how I fell down the hole. I didn't want to scare her anymore then she was.

That was only the first week. We have been here two months. Well I have. Julie left about two weeks ago. It got too much for her, I don't blame her. She hasn't left me. Just left the house. The first  week was Just the start. One of the Labradors had died. I put it down to her being too old. But Julie reckoned she was scared to death. I better get some sleep. That's if they leave me sleep.

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