I used to work for an agency that investigates elderly abuse.

I used to work for an agency that investigates elderly abuse.

Hello all, I recently retired from an agency that investigates elderly abuse. Our agency covered a large area of the Midwest. We would be called in to investigate claims of physical abuse at assisted living facilities before handing cases over to local authorities. In this line of work, you come across the absolute worst atrocities that can be inflicted on another human being. I've seen everything from insects being used to inflict pain and discomfort to a woman who was so neglected she was actually fused, for lack of a better term, to the medical bed she had been confined too.

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Unfortunately those are occurrences that aren't that much of a rarity in my line of work. But I'm here to talk about a few cases that have left me with more questions than answers in the 25+ years I've been doing this.

I'll give an example and see if anyone cares to hear any more.

Case 362- I'll refer to him as "Ralph" for anonymity's sake.

Ralph was a vibrant 82 year old man that resided the Shady Springs living facility in a small city in the Midwest.

Ralph was an avid smoker for a large portion of those 82 years and COPD and Emphysema were slowly draining him. Therefor rendering him dependent on a provided oxygen supply.

As I said he was a vibrant old man, strong willed and bull headed, full of the colorful language that would make a sailor blush. That being said, he wasn't going to give up his cigarettes. He fought tooth and nail with the staff and his son on the issue. He was always sneaking a smoke whenever he could.

I was called in on a complaint that turned out to be from Ralph himself. Accusing his son of a series of physical confrontations which in turn, turned out to be false and stemmed from a single argument where Ralph's son refused to smuggle him in a pack of cigarettes. During my investigation I grew close to Ralph and his son and I proceeded to remain in contact with them over the following few months.

Then one evening I had gotten a call from Ralph's son letting me know that vibrant old Ralph had passed away the morning prior.

I had just assumed that the Emphysema had taken him, when his son told me an autopsy was being done because of suspicious circumstances. Apparently a smell of smoke and a greasy ash was found on the ceiling right above Ralph bed.

At first I assumed old Ralph was sneaking a smoke and was careless with his oxygen. Spark and fuel are not a great combination in that situation.

Then I got the coroners report.

The autopsy showed no external signs of burns on Ralph's mouth or nasal passages. No interal burns to his esphogus or airways. All internal organs were in a state as to be expected from an 82 year old man.

Except for Ralph's lungs.

His lungs were missing.

All that remained in the cavity where his lungs were housed was a fourth of an ounce of biological human ash.

Just ash.

No signs of ignition or source, no signs of surrounding tissue damage.

It was as if someone pulled Ralph's lungs from his body, cremated them, And placed the ashes back where they belong.

I have no answer to this.

I thought I'd share.

Thanks for listening.

Submitted February 10, 2019 at 07:23PM by Dischordwithin

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