I was a therapist for the bomb shelter…

I was a therapist for the bomb shelter…

Part 1

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Adrian: Hello Markus, how have you been? Markus: … Adrian: you haven’t eaten in 3 days Markus, you don’t want us to sedate you and force feed again now do you? Markus: … Adrian: I understand it was a lot to take in on our last session, but please take a seat and let’s talk. Markus: … Adrian: I understand the trauma you feel from the rather, necessary incinerations… We had to. Markus: we… had to?… slowly turning back from wall Adrian: Yes, Markus. They were… Vectors of a spreading disease…. Markus: YOU HA- Adrian: Do you understand how lucky you are? If it were not for the incineration you would have been dead! Markus: I.. Would have been dead?!! Do you fcking know what is dead!! Do you? DO YOU EVEN HAVE THE MOST MINIMAL REACTION TO EVERYTHING I HAVE WENT THROUGH!!!?? *Hastily turns back gagging on his bite guard* hemorrhaging from his abdomenswaying rudimentary prosthetics infected with pus towards Adrian Markus: AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH YOU FCKING BTCH YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS!!! YOU DEMON!!!! Narrator 1: I remember back then the flesh drooping from my face and the pain I felt looking at the monster that faced me… Pretending to be me… I banged my head for hours at a time hoping it would end… Hoping I get my life back, but no prevail…

Adrian: Oh good lord… HES INFECTED!!! SEDATE HIM QUICK!!! WHAT SEAL THE SECTOR!! Quickly, quickly! holdkng Markus down using his bulky suit

Luther: right away sir! bringing out his batonbeating Markus in the head


  • 1 year later –

Luther: He was my friend… Back then when we patrolled sector Delta-89. You were there, as a… Biologist right? staring at Markus through quarantine observation glass

House: Yeah, I used to… But then… There was no use Luther, I’m not going back there. Nostalgia is nothing but a meaningless pastime Luther. Get that in your thick skull. staring at Vaccine prototypes for class A

Luther: You know they said ever since what happened to Adrian you seem pretty out of character… This ain’t the doctor I remember. They even say now you work and getting real chummy with doctor Allison looks House in the eye

House: Yeah? Well people change Luther. I’m a class B now, without hierarchy we’d be dead.stares at class B restricted quarantine doors

Luther: That only brings-

House: Bring what Luther? Insubordination, Luther? stares angrily at Luther Get back to cleaning the halls you mind-wiped scum! walks away to hallway offices

Carmody: these halls with warm lights, and the humid tight spaces… the cuboid meter span rooms… I saw it Alison! I saw the lord reign down from above!!! And he brought the vermin through Markus! I saw it all

Allison: Sedate her. *whispers in her head “Dear lord, are these the monsters you’ve sent to teach us? To start over? Is this the judgement day?… My god… the blood, the hemorrhaging and the pustules… her fever and her eyes bloodshot! The rashes all over as she scratches maniacally while her white blood cells spew out of her ears…. the smile on her face as it rots!! Please stay with me Carmody…”

Carmody: shaking as she becomes stiff My dear Allison, we’re way past judgement day… We’re in the new genesis.

House: It’s another one… Another nurse turns mad… Isn’t it fun Allie? staring at class A badge

Allison: Are you humoring me House? That was a long time ago… Get over it house your class is final, class B. notices tattoo of a serpent eating itself and notices him wearing sleeves *thinks in head he always wore those sleeves whenever he cut himself, he always wanted more, but every time he does just like the serpent in his tattoo, it kills itself, what a mad cold man. Making fun of me as a woman dies slowly…”

House: You’ll see… whispers

Narrator 1: Suddenly an earthquake reveals the true horrors of the wastes above…. sector Beta-32

House: checks terminals what the hell… I can’t log!!!

Terminal: ERR_ERR::BETA32BRCH_LVL=CLSSA[{NEAREST ADMINISTRATION CODE_DOCTOR-ALLISON~DELTASECTOR…MNLSHUTDOWN27362%% 52 65 73 65 74 74 69 6e 67 20 74 65 72 6d 69 6e 61 6c 2e 2e 2e//

House: that makes no sense… That’s not our terminal sequence… it’s been corrupted…

Allison: wakes up after blunt force hit to the head by metal bar What.. is happening… faints back to unconsciousness

House: staring at class A ID and semi working terminal, this… this is my chance… I told you you’ll see! grabs class A ID seals laboratory doors, locking Allison in

Luther: What the hell… panting *drops his broom and turns back to see the symbiotic colony of the supposed virus seeping through vault door of Omega-77

Carmody: And so the lord comes…

To be continued?

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