Im a special forces unit, and today changed my life.

Im a special forces unit, and today changed my life.

It was last night…

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I was out on the field with my squadron and we were trying to find something called Nova 8, let's just say that we did not know what was coming…

We found a bunker in the mountains of Malaysia and we broke in. We were spotted and we had to fight…I blew off one of the guards heads with my barret and searched for the subject…Nova 8.

”Hey, guys!” I shouted out.

Bear responded ”Yeah?”

”I fucking found it!”

Emidiatly bear and the other guys ran to me, and we packed up the Nova 8.

We got out of there in a helicopter with reflecting panels that made us close to invisible. After we got back to base it happened…The Nova 8 tube cracked…It sept out so bear tried to stop it and the second he put his hand on the Nova 8 he had a seizure but a violent one, we tried to calm him down but it only got worse…He turned into a creature…something horrible, he was infected with it…I gunned him down and told everyone to stay away from the container but everyone was already infected…so I ran…right now I'm in the armoury and I'm about to make a last stand…Because now I'm infected…

Lucy baby… you're the reason I always fought on…be a good girl for mommy ok? Please be successful at life and please…don't grieve for me…Because I'll always be watching over you.

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