I’m Afraid To Die Alone So Maybe I Won’t–AE

I’m Afraid To Die Alone So Maybe I Won’t–AE

When I was little I used to play a game with my brother called tunnel rats. It was really just hide & seek combined with tag but when you find the person you ask them a question and if they answer correctly they get five seconds to run. My brother and I played one day. I hid in the closet underneath our old metallic staircase. It was dusty and filled with enthralling cobwebs. My brother was always quick to discern my hiding places. “Gotcha!” “I want a question.” He paused for several moments looking down. He he the widest of smiles. So Cheshire in nature, so playful. “Aiden, are you scared to be alone?” “What? Uhh no.” He asked me that then but I answer that now. Yes. God. I’m terrified of being alone.

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My mom yelled through the house later that evening. She screamed at my brother and I to hide in the closet and be good little rats. We did so. I could feel my heart beat but for some reason it didn’t sound like my own. Maybe it was hers. We heard screams. We heard crashes. We heard nothing. I was crying then, clasping my hand as tightly to my chest as possible. “Aiden, I’m gonna go help mom. Stay here. Promise me you’ll stay here.” I tried to find words but I was unable. I just nodded. I heard a loud cling shortly after. I don’t remember much after well besides the hospital my dad took me to.

It had been a long time, such a long time since I had even had a though to what happened to where he had put me. I worked for D.H.S as an investigator and I’m currently working on a large scale abduction case. but, somehow this fucked up world has away of bringing demons back around. I stood out-front the now abandoned Vanderday Hospital. I knew there wasn’t any real leads here but I felt so lonely, more than I’ve felt in a long time and I can feel someones heart again pulling me here.

Inside it had looked as if humans had never been meant to dwell here. The old rundown hospital just gave off an unusual sense of anguish. There was a muse of a beautiful young women on the wall that looked strikingly like my wife. Down the corridor there was a white arrow spray painted on the wall, but the paint wasn't fresh. I drew my gun and followed the arrow down the twisted corridor. It lead to black double doors, metal and old, somehow familiar. I slowly pushed through the doors. The room was dim, there were no windows, but somehow some sort of unseen artificial light existed. Then, I heard a grunt. Over a ways just across the room there was a man pinned to the wall with a flour sack on his head, but this wasn't the strangest part. The man was entangled and pinned by loathing black tendrils. They looked as if they were alive and they were growing, spreading out farther from the man. “Can you hear me?” I yelled. He didn't respond but his head and body were moving so I knew he was alive. I came in closer, he was maybe eight meters away but as I slowly walked it felt like hundreds. Every step I took those Tendrils enveloped more of the walls. Abnormal.
I pulled out my lighter and held it against the black webs, it made a noise as if it was really alive, I startled back, and it reoriented itself down onto the ground crumbling into a black ash. My head began to feel an odd pain. I went over to the unspoken man and grabbed the sack and quickly ripped it off. Underneath sat a young man maybe late 20’s, close to my age if not just slightly older, with a very fair complexion and platinum long blonde hair. His piercing blue eyes opened slowly, and he gave my the most unnerving smile I had ever seen. The tendrils began move faster around the room the covered the entirety of the walls and the exits. The man began laughing uncontrollably. The black web released him from the wall, the room was become so dark I couldn't see. That smile, it was the last thing I saw.
Darkness was all I saw. It wasn’t the first time I had seen these black webs. I had seen them once when I was eleven, the first night a spent in this hospital. I had woken up in the middle of the night, with a cold feeling in my chest, that was when I saw him, standing in my bedroom door. Those Black crawling webs slowly taking over my room, but he just stood there, smiling. That fucking smile. I remember being so scared I couldn't even muster the strength to yell for my parents. The dark had finally covered the room, and the tendrils had twisted around me keeping me chained to the bed. My heart felt as if it had stopped working. I started to cry. “What are you?” He looked at me with those eyes goddamn eyes. “I’m Your God, Aiden.” “No, you're a demon, god doesn't hurt people!” “I’m not going to hurt you Aiden, I can’t hurt you, I love you.” My heart dropped farther than it already was. The boy with platinum hair walked slowly toward me. “Then why, you're scaring me, I want you to leave.” He walked slowly over “They’ve always told you that you were different Aiden, that you’re too smart, that you don’t relate well to others. So unsympathetic. Or that you have too strong of an imagination, but Aiden it’s all for a reason.” “yeah, and what reason is that, I'm an outcast?” “Because a day is going to come, where you see everything for what it really is, the true essence of reality”. The tendrils slowly released their hold. “I’m crazy aren't I, You’re not real?” “Aiden, have you ever thought maybe nothing is real.” The boy began his uncontrollable fit of platonic laughter. He stopped suddenly and looked sullen. “What’s your name?” “I don’t have one anymore.” He reached his hand out and poked me on my forehead. “Believe Briefly, Aiden, for it might be the only thing that saves us.” The tendrils turned to ash and the darkness crumbled away.
The Hospital had become filled with the tendrils and webs it covered it completely, wholly. There was a old, antique looking dining table with a single light source above it. We were both sitting down. “You, you’re the one doing this, kidnapping all those people.” “You’re wrong, Aiden.” My hands began to tremble, I couldn’t move. “Then what about the notes, how could you have known?” “The notes were there to help you Aiden, you needed some motivation. To believe.” “Then where have you been all this time, I haven't seen you since I was a child.” “Listen to me Aiden, we have to stop the people behind this it’s time you break this forsaken illusion”. “If you're not the one behind this then I have nothing else, no other leads.” There he went again with that fucking Cheshire grin. “But you do have me, you're looking to the external world for answers, but you already have most of them, dream Aiden.” Dream of Eden. He rose from his chair and walked toward me. I could move again. I rose up from my chair, a bit dizzy. The walls began to fall, and light pierced in through the cracks, we were both outside now, next to a beautiful lake in the forest. Peaceful and tranquil. The tendrils and webs constricted and writhed back to the ground, resting. He got within inches of me, smiled, and bashed his head into mine, we both bled. He kept his head connected to mine for just a few moments, but it felt like an eon. “Believe Aiden, even if just briefly”. The webs started to dematerialize along with him. The blood ran down from my head onto my shoe, along with a tear. I backed away from the wall. My eyes closed shut. Darkness. I knew where I was. I felt comforted.

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