incident report 13-1

incident report 13-1

Incident report 13-1

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I am not going to start this off in a generic way like “I am not a believer in the supernatural”

I am just going to jump straight into the story. So my family was putting in a new pool

(after years of begging) the construction crew started digging on June 5th. While digging they had come upon a beam of wood, when they tried to dig it up the ground collapsed.

A large tunnel was revealed. My mother hired some people to explore it, they went in early in the morning and came out in the late afternoon. When the workers finally appeared they were sweaty, with a terrified look plastered on their faces. They reported nothing about what they had discovered, and went straight home. The workers didn't come back the next day.

Since the workers gave us no information about what was in the tunnel or to where it led to, I took it upon myself to go in and explore. I invited my friend Charlie to come along, he’s slow so I figured if anything was down there it’d go after him first, giving me time to get away. At that point our mysterious tunnel had become the talk at of the town, and multiple people had taken interest in exploring it. Although most of them were stoner hippies they didn't just light up a doobie right there like I thought they would, they just went to the entrance and turned right back around and leave witch i found weird.

Because I was very interested in going into a dark kinda scary tunnel, my mom of course was not very happy about my

Interest in it. So me and my friend loaded up on flash lights and we had a baseball bat, and

A bb gun just to be safe, and i know it's lame to take a bb gun for protection but i was thirteen

So give me a break. Anyway we started into the tunnel and it just kept going on and on. We probably walked for about twenty minutes until we came upon a door. It was

a big iron door that had multiple locks which made Charlie and I really nervous. Despite our best judgement our curiosity could not be stopped. We started unlocking the door slowly, one lock at a time. When we are done we walk in and through the doorway and, there was a huge room filled with animal skulls and bones and this scared the shit out of my friend enough to want to go back but, i was invested on finding out why there were all these animal bones came from so he walked back and i kept investigating the room and out of the corner of my eye i saw a figure walking towards me. The closer it got the more unable i was to move and at a certain point i was trying to run and i just couldn't move a finger, the figure got closer and closer and at that point i could see it clearly it was about three to four feet tall hunched over with bleached white skin and its face was covered in maggots and cut up, and it had this haunting grin with rows of broken and jagged teeth. At a certain point i blacked out in fear and woke up at the metal door with all the locks back on, it turns out my friend felt bad about leaving me alone and came back just in time for him to see the thing that was about to kill me he through the baseball bat at it he said it just slapped it out of the air then he shot the bb gun at it and of course it just bounced off i mean it's a bb gun so i don't know what he expecting, it started to walk towards him and he shot another bb at its eye and that one startled it enough for it to run off and it jumped like fifteen feet in the air into a small hole in the side of the dirt wall. My friend just booked it towards me helped me up and went towards the door he set me down outside the door the locked it and that's when i woke up.Two days later the hole was filled in with dirt and my mom and dad just told me to forget about it but, me and my friend still think about it and every day I think what would have happened if he didn't come back to get me. The worst part is when the hole was filled in i was asleep, it was in the middle of the night and i woke up to see men wearing black clothes and hoods shoveling dirt into the hole, the next morning i asked my mom about it and she said i was probably dreaming about it but i knew those people aren't natural there was a like weird darkness about them, a week later we are moved to a different house still in the same town me and my friend are now the town laughing stock everyone thinks we are crazy, accept one man mr.Samuel an old man i would say around seventy maybe eighty, he said he had a similar experience. he said he was walking along a trial in the deep woods (we have a lot of those) and while he was walking he said he didn't notice anything out of the ordinary until he noticed the forest was completely silent then he saw the same thing i saw the same hunched over thing, with the disgusting face and that terrifying grin, he said that it lunged towards him and he couldn't move for the life of him the thing just stopped right in front of him and took a bite out of his arm and he passed out from blood loss and he woke up in a hospital with bandages on his arm and the haunting memory of that thing. He says it haunts him every day for the past fifteen years. He lifted the sleeve of his shirt and showed me the scar on his arm. As he went on about how the thing ruined his life and how no one believed him,and how his wife left him and the whole town treated him like an outcast. About a month later i am still looking into the thing that attacked me and mr.samuel when i hear that mr.Samuel has commited suicide and left a note addressed to me it read, dear ___ you are the only one who believed me and probably the only one who will ever believe me , but every night i see it in my head and i hear it's sinister growl and i feel the pain it caused me i can't do it anymore please don't end up like, me forget about everything forget it forget the thing in which you are seeking for answers it will eat at you one piece at a time and you will spend your whole life looking for answers that you will never find please just stop you will never find what you seek live your life like it was meant to be lived without thinking of that thing every minute of every day until the day you die. I am begging you to live, sincerely – jonathan A samuel

And that i did, i forgot about it until today the day i am writing this i am know 16 and have not thought about it in many years, this will hopefully be the last time i think about it, goodbye

Initiative : incident report 13-1

This was one in a string of sightings of escaped test subject 13-1 or the Rake as many of the workers have dubbed it, there have been many sightings of test subject 13-1 throughout wisconsin and new york although we have captured it and put in holding test location 485-21

This particular case has found it we have already taken care witness 1 Jonathan A samuel asking for authorization to terminate witness 2 ____ and witness 3___ we have already replaced their parents with 473-8’s or mimics we just need the order to terminate. We have moved test subject 13-1 to test location 474-9 on plum island : new york.

Authorization to terminate : granted

Submitted July 10, 2018 at 10:31AM by jamesbondsdaddy

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