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This is a long story, so let me explain this in a bit of a wrap.

I can’t tell you my name, or anything about me. However, the only thing I can tell you is that you should not try to find this hell I am about to explain here.

Okay. My town I live in is hundreds of years old, which means that it has many different urban legends. One of the emphasized types of stories are ones about past peoples who have lived here, and one of the town's patron stories is about a girl who was an outcast here, and she was hanged for witchcraft. Many of the old coots living here talk about it, but all of us kids just pass it off as a lesson that seemed worthless. However, I have randomly found a deeper piece in this story which made me want to escape the hell, the purgatory of my own town, as soon as possible.

It started as a normal day, I woke up at 7:30 to the sound of the alarm on my nightstand. After getting dressed, I read of a few pages of my studies, grabbed my homework, and continued downstairs to my morning routine. My mother was already downstairs, sipping coffee and working on her computer. There were a few drops of coffee on her lap. She didn’t acknowledge me as I opened a cupboard and pulled out a box of cornflakes, and began to make a bowl for myself. After I poured the milk, I turned around to put it on the table, where it seemed like my mom was staring at me. Of course, she wasn’t and was still typing on her computer. I blamed the sight as a side effect of me being tired, and brushed it off.

After brushing my teeth, and a few parts of my morning routine, I started out of the house, as I was already a small amount late for school. Spring dew saturated my feet as I ran on the edge of the sidewalk, dodging people. One of these people struck my eye, however. He was riding a bike, with sweatpants on, and a highlighter pink hoodie. It seemed like he was going at a very fast pace, as I felt like I passed him several times on my way to school. One of these times, he looked at me, smiled and tipped his head, and rode on. I got to school a few minutes later, as the last kid walked in, to be exact. Dashing to my locker, the halls were deathly quiet. I sometimes even questioned the fact that there were any students there at all. Seconds before the bell rang, I got to my first hour, which was american history. Everyone who was at their desks seemed to open their textbooks in unison, and the teacher began to lecture us in a monotonous tone that seemed off putting. The rest of the school day seemed normal, that is until seventh hour, the last hour in my day. Like I said, it was late springtime and most of the teachers were done with lessons for the entire year, so we were only there because the state made us. My 7th hour teacher pulled down a screen, so that we could watch a movie. However, you should note that my teacher was very old, and liked to tell us old lessons and many things that we didn’t get. Anyway, the teacher didn’t play us a normal movie, but played us many old movies, most in fact were black and white. The ones that were colored were very blurry and gritty. Some of the films were animated, but the thing was that none of them had a copyright date on them, thinking that the government didn’t require them back then. Most of the films were boring and dull, but one film struck my eye.

It was animated, but it was very crude. It was titled “Jenny”, which at first, seemed very cheery and normal. It started as a band of rubber hose animation style folk, playing in a park. They all sang a merry tune in unison as my boredom escalated. After a few minutes of this continuously, the music stopped, and all the characters froze in place. Then, a crudely drawn character of a cartoon woman, somewhat similar to Betty Boop, stepped out from the right. All the other characters unfroze, and then laughed at her. They then continued to bully and torment her, kick her, strangle her, and tug at her skin. Finally throwing her down a hole that was black as night. The characters then seemed to walk away, but instead of walking, they sort of slid away, there bodies then started to contour and bend like rubber bands, which I knew was normal in the rubber-hose style. However, it was different as there legs twisted together and their heads grew large. Their bodies became one color as they then floated away like ghosts. The screen cut to black, making me think, “Why would anyone think this is funny?”. I thought it was over, and I began to look at the students around me.

Their eyes were fixed on the screen, as it cut to something I found horrifying. It was the girl, surrounded by a circle of floor, and blackness all around her. This was a different girl, though. She was in a different format, which made her look more realistic, but kept the atmosphere of the rubber-hose style animation. She looked directly at the screen, and flashed a smile at me that made my blood run cold. This is when the worst part happened. Her eyes began to turn black, as dark, inky viscera dripped from her sockets. Then her skin started to melt off, as if it were ice cream in the sun. Once the skin had retreated, it shown her insides. Twisted, contorted bones and shrimpy sack-like organs were her only remains as the screen cut to black. Only sounds remained. It sounded like a woman crying. This continued for a few minutes, as the screaming became louder. The screen faded to a normal cartoon “The End” screen as all my classmates began to clap.

“Why are they clapping?” I questioned. Then suddenly, more and more looked at me as I began to shrink in my seat. Just then, the bell rang and I continued home. At the time, I couldn’t recall what happened in the cartoon, but only one word. Jenny. Jenny. Jenny. This frightened me as I walked back to my home, and dashed upstairs to my room. Strangely, my parents weren’t there.

When I got to the hallway in front of my bedroom, I saw a young girl, about seven or eight, in black clothing. She was all pale, with night black hair. She reminded me of Wednesday from The Addams Family. She turned around for a few seconds, and turned back toward me, without any facial features. All that was on her face was the pale color she bore. Scared Shit less, I ran down the hallway, toward the front door. Sure enough, there she was without the facial features. I dashed toward the back door. There she was. I decided that was enough and I went around her, dashing like a madman. She turned toward my direction, but I was already almost out the door. As I dashed down the street, voices in my head kept chanting “Jenny. Jenny. Jenny.”. Louder and louder the voices were as I collapsed to my knees, screaming in pain from those voices chanting. At this point, I didn’t care about my well being, but to get that damn name out of my head. I ran to the towns edge, where the welcome sign was. However, there was a name scrawled on the black pavement below me, in red. It was that terrible name. I couldn't take it anymore.

I ran over the word and officially, out of town. Just then, the pain stopped. I felt a flood of relief as I walked away from the town. After that, I contemplated that I could have been hit by a car. However, it didn’t seem like there were any cars in sight. Deciding, I had to leave the hell that was that place, I continued down the road, in search of shelter, and basic resources.

I recovered to a natural living state, but I have not forgotten the purgatory that I have faced in that hell town. I will keep posting soon, so stay alert.

Submitted May 14, 2019 at 05:12PM by PLACEHOLDER666

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