lift your problems

lift your problems

You know what I love most about working out, it’s the after feeling of a good workout. You know when you have been pushing yourself to the limit and then you get to have a rest and finally get to just breath. In that moment of rest it’s the most peaceful place you will ever be in the whole of the planet. After a work out your body also releases endorphins which is a feel good hormone which explains why you feel amazing after a workout. I like to work out in the morning to start my day off and if I do miss one work out I just feel awful all day.

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I have been to many gyms but there was this one new gym which opened a couple of months ago, and came to my knowledge through a friend. I love new gyms because everything is so fresh and all of the weights and equipment’s need to be blessed by which I mean used to pump the body. I love working out and this new gym was closer to my home and it was a beautiful building. The only thing which was strange were the weights this gym provided.

They only had bench presses along with the bar but with no weights to put on the bars. They had nothing else no running machines, free weights, dumbbells, skipping rope and any other exercise machine. The guy at the reception told me these bars require problems and the more problems you have in your life, you will feel it on the bars as you try to bench press it. I was so confused but I was ready to give it a go.

The guy in the reception kept asking me about any life problem I was experiencing and they varied from being in debt from university, ex-girlfriends, lousy day time job and not having enough money in life to do what I truly wanted to do. After telling the reception guy most of my problems I was experiencing in life, which by the way was super awkward, I was free to bench press the bars with no weights on them.

I decided to have a go and I could bench press quite a bit so a single bar with no weights on them was no problem. I honestly wanted to go but I decided to just mess about for a while. I was surprised when the bars with no actual weight at the sides, were actually quite heavy. They didn’t look it at all. I did a few reps and after half an hour of working out, I felt amazing more amazing than I ever did in any gym after a workout.

The reception guy came up to me and said “you see what I mean now you have just felt all of the weight from all of the problems in your life. Its feels good doesn’t it, like you have control over every one of your problems in your life”

“yeah it does feel like I have control” I replied

Its didn’t matter that I was in debt or that I didn’t like my day job all that mattered was that I was in control of my demons. I wanted to feel more weight, and I was advised that if I wanted to feel more weight on the bars, then I would have to increase the problems in my life. I decided to keep everything how it was and at the same weight for a couple of months. After a while I just needed more.

In one crazy moment I gave up my job and giving up my job gave me the most anxiety I had ever felt. How was I going to pay rent? Or buy necessities but it didn’t matter because when I lifted the bar, I had felt the weight of my problems increased even more pushing me even further. After a great work out I just sat on the floor just looking up at the ceiling and feeling amazing. I was in control of all of my problems and the future risks that were upon me due to me leaving my job, felt manageable.

Even though I had cut my job the gym still let me train and sleep inside the gym when I lost my flat, thus adding more weight to he bar. Its was the after effect of training of feeling amazing with the endorphins sprinting through out my body is all I wanted. Each weight my problems added to the bar I became use to it all. Then one day I came into the gym and when I lifted the bar it was so heavy that I had to push myself even further, more further than I had ever gone. After the work out I felt so good that I was literally hallucinating a little bit and I didn’t care about anything. A guy came up to me and said “hey you look like you had a great work out”

“I sure did because when I murdered my parents it brought all sorts of problems” I told him

I can hear the police coming right now.

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