Lift your problems

Lift your problems

We all have our own ways with dealing with our own problems and the activities maybe different but all are needed for the same thing. There always seems to be some sort of problem in the world and for every individual problems are expected. Obstacles are a part of life and we are first born with instincts as a baby to deal with the first couple of obstacles in our early years. Like as a baby we all seem to know that crying will alert our parents whenever we are hungry or hurt. Or like how babies just seem to know how to hold thier breath under water.

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Then as you grow a little older and start to form your own opinions and feelings you have to start figuring out how to solve problems on your own. You start to become more independent in dealing with your own problems and help starts to become rare depending on the economy and country you live in. Problems though are a necessary part of evolution and with each new generation that comes into the world they acquire something new within them to help them with problems thanks to past generations. We look back at the past where problems and obstacles had been over come and we try to search for wisdom to help us fight new problems and obstacles in the present.

We are constantly trying to look into the future and trying to reduce problems and obstacles arising for newer generations to come. The way I deal with my problems is bench pressing or weigh lifting. I mean I enjoy working out and whatever problem I may have exercising helps me maintain the problem and keep myself under control and calm until I can figure out what to do. Stress is the biggest killer in western civilization in my opinion because it leads to other problems.

Now my father himself enjoyed working out and when he died the only thing he left me was his bench press kit. There was a note which he had written next to his bench press kit and all it read was 'keep control of your problems by bench pressing because there will always be problems. Maintaining them and having your problems under control is key to getting rid of them and keeping tabs on newer problems coming along'

I was sad he was gone and I put my late fathers bench press kit in the cellar. The only thing that was missing in the bench press kit were the weights and I had was a bar to lift. I tried out the bench press kit amy how even though I had no weights in my house as I was grieving for my father. I then noticed as I was lifting the weightless like bar it became heavier on its own and then went back to being being almost weightless for me. One day as I was trying it out again I could feel the bar becoming heavy again and at the same time my two daughters were fighting with one and another in the living room.

The weightless bar became so heavy on its own and my two daughters were pulling each others hair at the same time in the living room. Then my wife separated them and at the same time the bar became light again and I realized what my father meant now by dealing with my problems by bench pressing. This bench press kit didn't need weights as actual problems that the owner had in the real world were to be the actual weights he would have to bench press.

From bench pressing all sorts of problems in my life and each problem had a certain weight to it. From arguing with my wife, missing out on bill payments, burglars trying to break into my house and many more problems which families go through all had a certain weight to it which I enjoyed bench pressing. I always felt calm and very patients and i always managed to solve them some way or another. It felt good really good being able to bench press problems and I felt greatly in control of my life and any problem that came into it.

One time in the middle of the night I decided to go down to the cellar and lift a little more. That night was so quite and as I tried to lift the bar but I couldn't because it was so heavy and I literally dropped it to the ground. I remember looking at the ground where the bar had fallen and what problem was upon my family which weighed so heavy that I couldn't lift it up anymore. I couldn't pick it up from the floor as it was so heavy and I decided to see if my wife and children could pick it up but neither of them could pick it up because it was so heavy.

What obstacle was coming upon us which weighed so heavy and was to be extremely difficult for us? I was starting to become so worried, scared, stressed and depressed because I knew something was just wrong. I started to become sick of dealing with problems in life because that's all I ever deal with constantly and I was the main person in my family to deal with it all on my own. I decided to lock the cellar door and just leave my late fathers bench press kit as it was with the bar on the floor because its just too damn heavy for anyone to pick up.

Now and then I take a peak into the cellar and as time has come by the bar has started to crack the concrete floor it is laying on. This problem is getting heavier which would only mean that a terrible problem is coming or has arrived into my life and i can't handle it because I can't lift it.

I just don't know what the problem is for me to deal with and maybe its not a physical problem but an emotional problem or a marriage problem which I haven't noticed yet. Maybe something is wrong with my wife and my marriage is in serious threat but I better figure out where the problem is hiding because the bar is getting deeper into the ground. As the bench press bar got deeper into the soil I noticed a skeleton which must have been buried there for year on end had the bench press bar in a position where it looked like it was going to bench press it.

I would keep checking back at the cellar and the skeleton would sometimes changed it straight arms to bending them and vice versa with bench press bar in its grips. I am starting to think this skeleton has problems and my family may be the problem and I tremble how my family being the problem will be dealt with.

Submitted July 10, 2018 at 04:29PM by shortstory1

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