[META] Moderation round these parts. Please read.

[META] Moderation round these parts. Please read.

As I'm sure everybody around here has noticed there's been a severe lack of moderation round these parts recently. Honestly I have no idea how long and looking in the modqueue and there are 10 pages of unreviewed posts that go back at least a year.

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I apologize. You, the community, deserve better. I left a long time ago and the subreddit was in good hands.

Anyway, there are about to be quite a few changes going on here. First of all, I need a blank slate and as such all reported comments have been removed. They might have been justified but I can't dig through that much, not on my own. I also want everyone to know that all link posts are automatically sent to the queue as well, I will be clearing it out. There is too much to actually review so I will simply be removing it all. There simply is not enough time to review it all properly.

Some rules have slightly changed already, please read the sidebar, and moving forward I'm looking to introduce some other changes to the way things are done around here that can hopefully breathe some life into the community.

I will be reaching out to the community to get a feel for what you all want and need this subreddit to be.

As of right now there is no plan to be putting together a moderator team, but that doesn't mean it is not a very likely prospect. Now, before you get any ideas I can tell you don't message the mods asking to be a mod. You will be immediately taken out of consideration before it was even a possibility.

I'm looking forward to serving you again.

Submitted July 11, 2018 at 11:04PM by XanCrews

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