My Life (Chapter 1)

My Life (Chapter 1)

Hello, my name is Mark. my life has been quite a challenge to myself both mentally and physically.

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When i was born, my mom never really cared much for me, and my dad was emotionally challenged, i never really had anyone to talk to, or ask for help.

i was fed and given a bed, but that was pretty much it. They let me live, but i had to do everything else myself, then when i was 2 they divorced, leaving me alone with my mom, she quickly found a new guy, and when i was 5 she gave birth to my little brother.

She loved him, and showed it well, my tho, i was still just a ''it happened…'' child, i was never even meant to be alive, my dad and mom just didn't really care to use protection that time. I was jealous and hated my brother, i punched him, kicked him and bullied him for a long time. But he's dad hated me as much as i hated him and he's son, so he hit me and kicked me, my mother never batting an eye.

They divorced when i was 12, and my brother stayed with me and my mom, i slowly opened up to my little brother and started playing with him, he was scared of me of course, but i realized i had treated him worse than they had treated me, and i wasn't going to go down to their level.

I bought my brother a necklace, it was half of a heart, we had started becoming friends and i wanted him to have something that showed that we were siblings. When i came home and have it to him he was extatic, all over the place and jumping from joy, he loved that i had finally accepted him. the real reasoon i got that necklace was because i felt guilty for treating him like shit when we were younger.

Skip 2 years and i was then abandoned completely by my mother, she threw me out and didn't say anything. I lived with my dad after a lot of convincing, i felt terrible, my mom left me completely and my dad hesitated about even talking to me.

I felt betrayed, i felt alone. I never learned how to make friends because we moved so many times, so i never had any friends to talk to.

My mind was slowly falling to pieces, i was beginning to see things and hear voices.

The day i hit the age of 16, i had lost my mind, or so i thought. I woke up in my bed, but it was so decayed, like no one had lived there for 100 years, it was coated with a surface of dust and mold, the wood of my floor was old and rotten, the walls peeling and cracking.

I didn't have the faintest idea what was going on, i got out of bed and went down the hall, hearing the rotting wood cracking and squeaking as i walked, i looked around and then noticed all the pictures, i recognized them all, my dad, my brother and my dog but… I wasn't anywhere.

I knew i was supposed to be in the picture with my brother, but i wasn't, i took the picture and looked at it, it didn't look like photoshop or anything, i put down the picture and walked downstairs into the living room, i noticed that for every step i took, it seemed to be more and more decayed, like it was used a lot less than any of the other rooms.

I went outside, and i went completely silent, i saw the most disgusting sight.

There was people, but, they were all gutted open, like something had eaten them, i looked around, starting to get concerned about what did this, wondering if it was still around. I looked to my right, my left, i looked up and behind me.


I went over to one of the mauled half eaten corpses, they didn't look like anyone i knew, but i couldn't help but noticed it was just a small kid, looked around the age of 10 or 11.

I sat there, silently sobbing as i realized the necklace around he's neck… It was him…

My little brother, whom i had taken for granted, the only thing i could hold onto for comfort was the fact that we loved each other in the end, i had accepted him, and he had welcommed me with open arms.

He was a kind hearted kid, never really bad, he was always willing to help me or cheer me up, i felt so bad for treating how i did when i was younger.

I took my arm's around him as i cried, i sat there for what seemed like hours, i then picked him up and carried him to the house. I wanted him to have the best possible tombstone ever, so i put him on the rotting couch, i went into the garage where my dad used to keep he's tools, got a saw, hammer, nails, pickaxe and some rope.

I went out and chopped some trees down, trimming them and making small holes so that other pieces of wood could fit, it took 2 trees to finish the cross, i found some stones and tried to use the pickaxe to form letters, after 2 days of working on it, with some breaks to eat and sleep a bit, as well as sitting by my dead brother. i was done.

The cross was 10 feet tall, wood nailed together, with big letters of stone fitted into the wood ''Here is Phillip, the best brother i could hope for''

I tied the rope onto the top of the cross and dug a hole near the base of it, i then threw the rope up onto the roof and walked up, i then threw it further down near our truck.

the truck looked like shit to be honest, but i had seen my dad fix it a couple of times when he didn't notice, so i tried to fix it. After a couple of hours i got the engine going, i tied the rope to the back of the truck and drove slowly, i went out after stopping the car, and went to the back yard.

Almost there.

I then got back in the car, slowly inching my way when i heard a ''THUD'' I thought i had gotten the base in the hole, i stoped the engine and got out of the car and went back to the yard, it was in the hole!

I filled the hole around the cross and made it as solid as possible, i then dug a 6 feet hole, and went into the living room to get my brother, i picked him up and walked out again with tears filling my eyes, i went down into the hole to lie him down, i didn't want to just throw my own brother down a hole.

As i got up and filled the hole, crying and tired from the hard work. I then heard a noise coming from my right.

To Be continued.

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